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On 19-20 February 2010; Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari leaving an indigenous man dead. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. The indigenous Buddhist man gunned down by the Bangladesh army.

Bangladesh army terrorize indigenous people in Baghaichari

On 22 April 2016 at around 5:20 am, Bangladesh army from Dighinala Military Zone sporadically opened fire and threw two bombs in No.1 Rubber Plantation area adjacent to indigenous Buddhist village of Baghaichari union in Baghaichari, Rangamati district.

Following this sporadic shooting, Bangladesh army detained 24 indigenous Buddhist villagers. Bangladesh army mercilessly beat and torture 5 indigenous men.

Bangladesh army deliberately walked through the ripe pady field and caused wide range of damage to the crops.

Around 90 Bangladesh army personnel took part in these atrocities. Many indigenous villagers woke up from sleep at the sound of gun shots while the villagers who were already awoken got startled. As a result of frequent firing followed by the huge sounds of bomb blasts, soon the panic spread among the villagers.

At certain point, the villagers heard loud speaker. Bangladesh army personnel were saying: ‘Hello brothers! We have already surrounded you, surrender right now’! Although the loud speaker was directed towards the rubber plantation; in practice, there was no home to come out. The villagers are in opinion that it was a drama in the name of searching for terrorists staged by Bangladesh army aiming at creating fright among the people.

Bangladesh army personnel then detained 24 indigenous villagers and blindfolded them. Then, they started interrogating indigenous villagers one by one. They enquired: ‘Where are the terrorists?’ ‘When do they come?’. After interrogation they released 19 indigenous persons. But the remaining 5 persons were released after interrogation and crossinterrogation with heavy torture. The 5 indigenous Buddhist victims are-

  1. Chirojyoti Chakma (45) son of Niranjoy Chakma
  2. Boro Chakma (26) son of Robi Moy Chakma
  3. Chitti Gulo Chakma (25) son of Surajoy Chakma
  4. Kiran Moy Chakma (48) son of Torlakkha Chakma
  5. Sambhu Chakma (35) son of Surajoy Chakma

Of the 5 victims Chirojyoti Chakma sustained most serious wounds. After blindfolding him, Bangladesh army asked: ‘Are you Abiskar?’ He replied in negative and as confirmation he showed his National ID card. At this, Bangladesh army personnel warned him saying: ‘Eh! You have become so clever, I see!’ They insisted for arms and asked: ‘Where is the weapon?’ Saying so, they conducted search in the cubboard and in all other places they considered. But as they found nothing objectionable, they snatched off BDT 2600 from the purse of Mrs. Chirojyoti and continued beating Chirojyoti Chakma severely. Later, Chirojyoti Chakma was admitted in Marishya Hospital.

Bangladesh army also blindfolded, tightened hands and legs of other 4 indigenous persons. Bangladesh army then interrogated them with severe beating. Afterward on their way back to camp Bangladesh army column walked through the ripen paddy field of indigenous villagers between Baghaichari and Talukderpara causing wide damage to crops.



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