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On 19-20 February 2010; Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous people at Baghaichari leaving an indigenous man dead. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land. The indigenous Buddhist man gunned down by the Bangladesh army.

BGB detain and harass indigenous people in Barkal

On 21 April 2016, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) personnel of Choto Harina Zone snatched away the whole lot of Jumma Barta, the printed irregular mouthpiece of PCJSS (5th Edition, November 2015 February 2016) from the indigenous buyers at Harina Bazaar in Barkal, Rangamati district.

The BGB took 4 indigenous buyers of the Jumma Barta to the camp and harassed them for more than an hour. The BGB warned indigenous buyers of the magazine with threatening words.

The BGB personnel told the indigenous people that the content of the magazine incited the indigenous people with anti-Bangladesh sentiments.

It has been learnt that it was the market day on that day at Choto Harina Bazar. As people from different places came to the market, the PCJSS workers of Bhushanchara Union branch were selling the megazines. After selling out lion portion of the publication, the remaining lot was kept with the shop owened by one indigenous man Shanti Chakma.

The security staff of BGB, Rafique came to the market at 10:20 am and snatched away the Jumma Barta copies from some indigenous people. At certain stage the security staff Rafique manhandled one Jumma Barta buyer named Sugata Priya Chakma (28) son of Tarani Sen Chakma from the market and took him to the BGB zone and kept him at the checkpost.

Afterward some BGB personnel came to market and snatched off all the copies of megazine from whoever had the copy while conducting search. The BGB also took away the unsold copies of the paper kept with Shanti Chakma in the shop. In addition, they also held 3 more buyers of the megazine and took all of them to the Zonal camp. They were-

  1. Baruna Sen Chakma (38) son of Binochandra Chakma
  2. Dharma Priya Chakma (32) son of Amarjit Chakma
  3. One student of local Juno Pawhr High School unknown by name

The BGB personnel took 4 indigenous detainees and the megazines to the Zone Commander Lt. Col. Shahabuddin. The Zone Commander said in anger to the indigenous detainees:

Who could that be to have written these booklets! They are acting against the country while being in this land and writing against this land. As this literature tempers our heads so it is spoiling your head

Besides, the BGB commander also forbade buying and reading such kind of literature and ordered indigenous detainees to inform the BGB if anybody is found selling such booklets. The BGB released Sugata Priyo Chakma after keeping him under detention for about an hour and the remaining 3 others indigenous people were also released after a while.



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