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On 20 April 2008 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked and burnt down 76 indigenous Buddhist houses in Sajek. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhist villagers and grab their land. The indigenous Chakma Buddhists and their burnt down houses after the attack.

Bangladesh army interfere with indiegnous new year festivity in Sajek

On 11 April 2016, Bangladesh army’s undue interference and increased oppression forced the indigenous Buddhist people of Sajek to cancel traditional Boisabi or New Year festival.

Indigenous people had a plan to organize traditional sports events including wrestling and cultural shows before holding a prize-giving ceremony. The programme was supposed to start on 8 April 2016, but as Bangladesh army took away 2 Buddhist villagers the festive mood changed to a gloomy one. Indigenous people decided to postpone the inauguration of the programme for a day.

2 indigenous Buddhist men were eventually released after torture at Baghaihat military zone. Next day indigenous people held traditional sports events such as Ghila Khara and Nadeng Khara.

The programme was to end with a prize-giving ceremony. But Bangladesh army told indigenous people that they must organize the prize-giving ceremony under the banner of the Baghaihat zone, invite the zone commander to attend the ceremony and ask him to distribute the prizes to the recipients.

The organizers said that they would not allow Bangladesh army to interfere with indigenous new year festivity and decided to cancel the programme altogether.


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