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On 19 December 1986, Bangladesh army men gang raped Vira Rani Chakma (16) of Nuaram Karbari Para, Dighinala. About 20 Bangladesh army personnel from the Viswa Ram Karbari Para army camp of Dighinala raided the indigenous Chakma village of Nuaram Karbari Para in the morning. All the male inhabitants of the village were taken by force to cut the jungle surrounding the army camp. Bangladesh army encircled the village at 11:00 a.m. and on the pretext of searching entered the houses. All the women and the girls who were in their houses, were stripped by the soldiers and were gang raped. Even the minors were not spared.

Bangladesh police attempts to rape an indigenous Buddhist woman in Sajek

On 26 February 2016, a Bangladesh police man attempted to rape an indigenous Buddhist woman in Ujo bazaar area in Sajek.

The 21-year-old victim, mother of a child, was at home when Mohammad Sarwar, a police constable deployed at Ujo bazaar police post attacked her.

The policeman asked for a glass of drinking water and when she came with it he grabbed her and tried to rape her. The incident took place at 4 pm and she was alone at home.

The victim struggled and shouted for help. Hearing her cry, her neighbours came out to her rescue.

Mohammad Sarwar ran to his duty post where other policemen and army personnel protected him from the angry mob and sent him back to Baghaihat police camp in a military vehicle.



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