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Bangladesh army attack indigenous people
On 15 March 2015, Bangladeshi security forces attacked indigenous peple in Dighinala. Indigenous people were demostrating against construction of BGB headquarter at Babuchara in Dighinala. At least 8 indigenous people were injured in the attack.

Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Dighinala

On 27 Nov. 1989, Bangladesh army from DP Para Army Camp in Dighinala led by Capt. Shoib raided indigenous Buddhist inhabitants of Sukhna Chari in Dighinala, Khagrachari district. During the raid Bangladesh army severely beat and tortured indigenous Chakma Buddhists. Bangladesh army set their houses on fire. The victims are:

  1. Mr. Lalan Bikash Chakma, 28 yrs, son of Mr. Nandi Kumar Chakma, of Sukhna Chari, Dighinala.
  2. Mr. Santosh Kumar Chakma, 2 yrs, son of Mr. Buddha Chakma, address as above.
  3. Mr. Bimal Sachi Chakma, 35 yrs, son of Mr. Taranisen Chakma, address as above.
  4. Mr. Direndra Chakma, 45 yrs, son of Mr. Babunya Chakma, address as above.
  5. Mr. Surendra Chakma, 40 yrs, son of Mr. Babunya Chakma, address as above.
  6. Mr. Chiranjib Chakma, 18 yrs, son of Mr. Birendra Chakma, address as above.
  7. Mr. Chindira Laxmi Chakma, 46 yrs, son of Mr. Brajalal Chakma, address as above.
  8. Mr. Dhuli Kumar Chakma, 55 yrs, son of Mr. Gunamani Chakma, address as above.
  9. Mr. Goppuabap Chakma, 57 yrs, address as above.
  10. Mr. Jungya Chakma, 50 yrs, address as above.


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