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On 9 May 2012 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers raped and killed an indigenous Buddhist girl Miss. Sujata Chakma (11) daughter of late Mr. Jyotish Chandra Chakma and Ms. Mongala Devi Chakma of Ultachari area of Atarakchara union under Longadu sub-district in Rangamati district. The victim was a student of year 4 of Ultachari Government Primary School. Muslim settlers killed the girl by mutilating on the neck with a sharp weapon.

Bangladesh army tortures and molests indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Rangamati

On 22 Sept. 1989, Bangladesh army personnel of 17 EBR from the Zonal Head Quarter at Rangamati, raided the indigenous Buddhist village Kizing Adam in No. 59 Banduk Bhanga Mouza, Rangamati district. Bangladesh army severely tortured indigenous Buddhist men and molested indigenous Buddhist women during the raid. Bangladesh army destroyed house hold properties of the victims.

Bangladesh army arrested 2 innocent indigenous Buddhist persons on false allegation of helping the Shanti Bahini. Bangladesh army took 2 arrested persons to 305 Brigade Head Quarters at Rangamati and detained the indigenous Buddhist victims.

The victims are:

  1. Mr. Janak Chandra Chakma, 55 yrs, son of Mr. Uday Chandra Chakma, of Kizing Adam, No. 59 Banduk Bhanga Mouza, Rangamati. The victim is detained at 305 Brigade HQ, Rangamati.
  2. Mr. Sara Bindu Chakma, 23 yrs, son of Mr. Janak Chandra Chakma, address as above. As above.
  3. Mr. Gayasur Chakma, 48 yrs, son of Mr. Kabiraj Chakma, address as above. He was tortured in his house.
  4. Mr. Suryasen Chakma, 45 yrs, son of late Mezangya Chakma, of Karalya Mura, No. 59 Banduk Bhanga Mouza, Rangamati. He was going to a Buddhist religious ceremony at Raj Bana Vihara. He was beaten and tortured at Kizing Adam.
  5. Mrs. Bidhya Dhari Chakma, 34 yrs, wife of Mr. Bhudi Khula Chakma, of Kizing Adam, No. 59 Banduk Bhanga Mouza, Rangamati.
  6. Mrs. Purna Kumari Chakma, 32 yrs, wife of Mr. Manekolnan Chakma, address as above.


PCJSS(Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)
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