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Bijay and Samiran Chakma of Mallya Massacre
On 2 February 1992 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers killed at least 30 indigenous Chakma Buddhists at Mallya. 2 of them were Bijay Chakma and Samiran Chakma, the sons of Saral Kumar Chakma. Two bombs exploded on a river ferry at Mallya. The explosion killed a passenger and seriously injured the skipper of the ferry. The survivors swam ashore but the armed Muslim settlers were waiting for them and attacked the indigenous Chakma Buddhists - men women and children.

Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Laxmichari

On 11 June 1989, Bangladesh army of 2 EBR from Dulya Tali Camp led by Subedar Bashir launched a military operation against the indigenous inhabitants of Dewanpara in Laxmichari, Khagrachari district.

During the operation Bangladesh army subjected the innocent indigenous inhabitants to severe beating and tortures and resorted to robbing. The victims are:

  1. Mrs. Chandra Mala Chakma, 45 yrs, wife of Mr. Dhappya Chakma, of Dewanpara, Laxmichari. BD Army robbed Tk. 2,500.00 from her. She was severely beaten with an wooden block by the soldiers.
  2. Mr. Lahindra Chakma, 60 yrs, son of Mr. Chandra Mohan Chakma, address as above. Severely beaten as above.
  3. Mrs. Ranga Sona Chakma, 50 yrs, wife of Mr. Piyari Mohan Chakma, address as above. The soldiers robbed Tk. 2,000.00 and properties worth Tk. 4,500.00 from her. She was subjected to severe beating.
  4. Mr. Bathindra Chakma, 70 yrs, Headman, son of late Rashik Chandra Chakma, address as above. Severely beaten by the soldiers.
  5. Mr. Babei Chakma, 50 yrs, son of Mr. Indra Jeet Chakma, address as above. Beaten as above and Tk. 5000.00 was robbed from him.
  6. Mr. Sukamal Dewan, 30 yrs, son of Mr. Rebati Mohan Dewan, address as above. Severely beaten and Tk. 2500.00 was robbed from him.
  7. Mr. Purnajay Chakma, 38 yrs, son of late Bhala Chakma, address as above. Severely beaten and a radio receiver was robbed from him.
  8. Mr. Piyari Mohan Chakma, 55 yrs, son of late Chandra Kumar Chakma, address as above. He was subjected to severe beating.


PCJSS(Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)
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