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On 3 April 2006, Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers attacked indigenous Buddhist people in Mahalchari of Khagrachari. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers gang raped Ms. Krajaima Marma (20) daughter of Chaihla Prue Marma at Saprue Karbaripara.

Bangladesh army rape and torture indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Longadu

On 1 June 1989, Bangladesh army of 15 EBR from Karalya Chari Camp led by Lt. Asif arrested 7 indigenous Buddhist men and 1 woman from Karalya Chari market in Longadu, Rangamati district on suspicion of the explosion which occurred at the market.

Bangladesh army took the indigenous people to Karalya Chari army camp. Bangladesh army inhumanly tortured the indigenous victims and kept them in a dark pit. They were later sent to Rangamati Jail except the indigenous woman who was barbarously gang raped by the army personnel and was released next day. The victims are:

  1. Mr. Ajit Baran Chakma, 18 yrs, son of Mr. Sukka Ram Chakma, of Bame Atarak Chara, Longadu.
  2. Mr. Kuri Choga Chakma, 19 yrs, son of Mr. Hengotya Chakma, address as above.
  3. Mr. Bijoy (Ittukya) Chakma, 23 yrs, address as above.
  4. Mr. Meiya Dhan Chakma, 35 yrs, son of late Mriga Dhan Chakma, of Dane Atarak Chara, Longadu.
  5. Miss Batyabi Chakma, 24 yrs, daughter of Mr. Sukkuram Chakma, address as above.
  6. Mr. Bimal Bihari Chakma, 27 yrs, son of Mr. Bizar Sen Chakma, of Rangapani Chara, Longadu.
  7. Mr. Kutti Chan Chakma, 28 yrs, son of Mr. Kashay Tiya Chakma, address as above.
  8. Mr. Ajitlal Chakma, 25 yrs, son of Mr. Nagendra Chakma, of Betchari, Khagrachari.


PCJSS(Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)
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