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Ponemala Tripura killed by Bengali settlers
On the night between 3-4 September 2009 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers killed Ponemala Tripura (50) wife of Bhibishan Tripura at Sindukchari under Mahalchari. The villagers recovered her dead body from their farm in the morning of 4 September 2009. She had a land dispute with the Muslim settlers.

Bangladesh army terrorizes indigenous Chakma Buddhists in Laxmichari

On 22 April 1989, Bangladesh army of 2 EBR from Laxmichari camp led by Capt. Anwar and Subedar Bashir launched a military operation against the indigenous Buddhist inhabitants of Kurum Bhanga, Now Bhanga and Dewan Para in Laxmichari, Khagrachari district.

During the military operation Bangladesh army arrested, tortured and extorted money from the following indigenous Chakma Buddhists. The indigenous victims are still detained at Dulyatali army camp. The victims are:

  1. Mr. Chandi Kazi Chakma, 38 yrs, son of Mr. Subhendu Chakma, of Kurum Bhanga, Laxmichari. BD Army extorted Tk. 2500.00 from him. He is still detained at Dalyatali army camp.
  2. Mr. Bakra Chakma, 42 yrs, son of Mr. Chandra Ketu Chakma, of Naw Bhanga, Laxmichari. BD Army extorted Tk. 1500.00 from him and forced water through his nostrils. He is still detained at Dalyatali army camp.
  3. Mrs. Damari Chakma, 30 yrs, wife of Mr. Chandi Kazi Chakma, of Kurum Bhanga, Laxmichari. BD Army raped and tortured her.
  4. Mr. Utanga Chakma, 50 yrs, son of late Bhagirath Chakma, of Dewan Para, Laxmichari. BD Army arrested him on false charge of giving food to the Shanti Bahini. Tk. 1000.00 was extorted from him.


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