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Indigenous victims of Sajek Muslim attack
On 20 April 2008 Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked and burnt down 76 indigenous Buddhist houses in Sajek. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Buddhist villagers and grab their land. The indigenous Chakma Buddhists and their burnt down houses after the attack.

Bangladesh army tortures indigenous Tripura Hindus in Matiranga

On 4 April 1989, Lt. Col. Mohsin, Commanding Officer of 27 EBR, Bangladesh army, Matiranga Camp, sent a message to Mr. Subal Bikash Tripura (a former member of Union Parishad) to bring all the indigenous inhabitants of Sijak Para, Jukta Gram to attend the meeting at Matiranga, Khagrachari district on 5th April 1989.

Accordingly, when Mr. Subal Bikash Tripura and other indigenous people went to Matiranga on 5th April 1989, they were subjected to beating and torture. But no meeting was held. The victims are:

  1. Mr. Subal Bikash Tripura, 40 yrs, son of Mr. Khajara Tripura, of Gokul Para, Matiranga. He was hung upside down and severely beaten due to which both his toes were injured.
  2. Mr. Nania Karbari, 45 yrs, son of Mr. Ram Chandra Tripura, address as above. He was beaten till he fainted.
  3. Mr. Brajendra Karbari, 47 yrs, son of Mr. Ramani Tripura, of Dholya, Matiranga. Beaten as above.


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