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On 19 December 1986, Bangladesh army men gang raped Rita Chakma (13) of Nuaram Karbari Para, Dighinala. About 20 Bangladesh army personnel from the Viswa Ram Karbari Para army camp of Dighinala raided the indigenous Buddhist village of Nuaram Karbari Para in the morning. All the male inhabitants of the village were taken by force to cut the jungle surrounding the army camp. Bangladesh army encircled the village at 11:00 a.m. and on the pretext of searching entered the houses. Bangladesh army stripped all the women and the girls who were in their houses, and gang raped. Even the minors were not spared.

Bangladesh army extorts an indigenous Chakma Buddhist in Laxmichari

On 23 Feb. 1989, Bangladesh army of 2 EBR from Laxmichari camp led by Major Salim and Subedar Bashir arrested an indigenous Chakma Buddhist in Laxmichari, Khagrachari district.

Bangladesh army accused him of being a supporter of Jana Samhati Samiti. Bangladesh army forced him to pay Tk. 2500.00 (Two thousand and five hundred takas) after which he was released. The victim is:

  1. Mr. Anil Kumar Dewan, 40 yrs, son of late Sekendra Dewan of Dewanpara, Laxmichari.

India was partitioned on the basis of religion in 1947. 98.5% of the CHT population was non-Muslim during the partition. The indigenous people of CHT opted to join either India or Burma. But Muslim League conspired with the Boundary Commission and illegally annexed CHT with East Pakistan in violation of the principle of partition. Successive Bangladesh governments have been sponsoring Muslim settlers from plain land to dilute the indigenous people of CHT.

Bangladesh army's role in CHT is to protect the Muslim settlers and carry out massacre, extra-judicial killing, torture, detention withou trial, land grab, rape, religious persecution and ethnic cleansing against indigenous Buddhist, Hindu and Animist people in CHT.


PCJSS(Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti)
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