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Indigenous couple of Naniachar attack

When whole country was celebrating the victory day of the country on 16 Dec 2014, Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked indigenous people in Bagachari area of Naniarchar to evict them from their traditional land. 50 indigenous houses, 7 shops and 1 Buddhist temple were destroyed.

Indigenous couple picking up pieces after Bangladesh army backed Muslim settlers attacked them on 16 December 2014.

Bangladesh army tortures an indigenous Chakma Buddhist in Longadu

28 Jan. 1989, Bangladesh army of 14 EBR from Karalyachari Army Camp led by Major Atiyar tortured an indigenous Buddhist man in Longadu, Rangamati district. Bangladesh army accused the indigenous Buddhist man of keeping contact with the Shanti Bahini. The victim is:

  1. Mr. Surat Kumar Chakma, 29 yrs, son of Mr. Manek Chandra Chakma of Dane Atarakchara, Longadu.

India was partitioned on the basis of religion in 1947. 98.5% of the CHT population was non-Muslim during the partition. The indigenous people of CHT opted to join either India or Burma. But Muslim League conspired with the Boundary Commission and illegally annexed CHT with East Pakistan in violation of the principle of partition. Successive Bangladesh governments have been sponsoring Muslim settlers from plain land to dilute the indigenous people of CHT.

Bangladesh army's role in CHT is to protect the Muslim settlers and carry out massacre, extra-judicial killing, torture, detention without trial, land grabbing, rape, religious persecution and ethnic cleansing against indigenous Buddhist, Hindu and Animist people in CHT.


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