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On 17 February 2011; Border Guards of Bangladesh and Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people at Longadu leaving at least 2 indigenous people seriously injured. The aim of the attack was to drive out the indigenous Chakma Buddhists and grab their land.

Bangladesh army murders an indigenous Chakma Buddhist in Jurachari

On 18 Jan. 1989, Bangladesh army of 12 East Bengal Regiment led by Lt. Mostafa and Subedar Aleem bayoneted to death an indigenous Chakma Buddhist in Zurachari, Rangamati district.

On that day an armed encounter occurred between the Shanti Bahini and Bangladesh army at Moidung Mukh in Zurachari, Rangamati district. Bangladesh army personnel suffered casualties in the armed encounter. In reprisal Bangladesh army indulged in cold blooded murder of innocent and unarmed indigenous people.

Bangladesh army personnel took 2 innocent indigenous labourers to be murdered as reprisal to the incident. As the innocent persons were being taken to a distance, one of them managed to run away and survived but the other person was brutally murdered with bayonet charge.

The dead body was thrown into a ditch which was found afterwards. The victim is:

  1. Mr. Purnajay Chakma, son of Mr. Tejendra Lal Chakma of Haza Chara, Zurachari.


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