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Net Detective is a compilation of over 1650 Internet sites where you can go to do searches. 95% of the sites are free and 5% of the sites require additional fees from the company sponsoring the web site. It help you find phone numbers and email addresses Net Detective is primarily a U.S. product.

If you are attempting to locate a person, family history, E-mail address or telephone numbers Net Detective will save you hours and hours of time because we give you the great web sites and you don't have to search them out. Discover how to find unlisted phone numbers

Explore SECRET WEB SITES that conventional search. engines have never found. Locate e-mails, phone numbers, or addresses. Net Detective is powerful lookup tools for advanced searching. Help you search phone numbers, e-mail addresses and much more.

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With Net Detective you will learn:

  • HOW to make phone calls through a third party the number called doesn't appear on your phone bill.
  • How to CLOAK your e-mail so your TRUE e-mail address can't be discovered.
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  • Find how to locate unlisted phone numbers!
  • It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing.

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"This is great. Just 30 minutes after downloading Net Detective I had located my long-lost college roommate and had her on the phone number. We talked for two hours. (We hadn't talked in 27 years.) I have been telling all my friends and they are amazed."

- Marsha Seiler, Dallas TX

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