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The JFK/MK-Ultra Chronicles

This page, an adjunct to The Warrenverse: The Amazing World of the Warren Comics Characters, is a special treat to the world of creative mythography, i.e., researchers of the Wold Newton Universe [WNU], as well as long-time Warren fans and enthusiasts of the JFK conspiracy theories, coming directly from the cyber-pen of award-winning author and musician, T. Casey Brennan himself.

Cover to VAMPIRELLA #1 by Warren Comics

This site will feature the various stories written by author Brennan, who penned several classic tales (including many stories for Warren and DC Comics) concerning his take on the events surrounding the WNU JFK conspiracy, the CIA's infamous secret MK-Ultra plan and how the latter affected Mr. Brennan, the WNU James Warren (possibly), as well as many other individuals connected to each of them. These writings will ultimately cover a secret and chilling aspect of the Warrenverse which the people of the WNU who read the Warren Comics of that reality never saw...the secret behind some of those who brought the stories to you, including their dealings with a hidden and deadly program of the CIA that had far-reaching effects across the political history of the entire world. If you think many of the stories brought to us by Warren Comics were scary...wait until you find out what was going on for some of the major players behind the scenes.

Vampirella, courtesy of Mike Grell

This site will bring many of author Brennan's stories about this hidden facet of the Warrenverse directly to you, edited by yours truly. It will be a wild ride, and it just may be be afraid. Be very afraid. The WNU may never be the same again!

This site (c) N, Christofer, Jan. 15, 2006. All stories on this section of the site (c) Brennan, T. Casey.

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