This is the dreaded PAGANFIRE! Dreaded? Notorious?? Most Hated Band??? What the fuck is this all about??? With 2 members doing fanzines, doing tradings & releasing lisenced stuff from hell, a drummer who is in & out of known bands & a guitarist who is as 'silent as a lamb' unless drunk!!! I really don't know why??? I guess it will be a biased shit if I will tell, just fucking read this interview!!!

JayJay Speaks:

Greetings Drummer boy! Do you get pissed when people call you that especially in Christmas time? Did you get a drum set gift when you were a kid? What started your drumming lust?
No, its OK to call me drummerboy. I had my drumset when I was in 3rd Yr. High school. Listening to my kind of music started me playing drums.

Have any neighbors complained on your drumming sessions at home? How often do you practice? Do you let other people use your drum set?
Yes, always, almost everyday at least 2 hrs or more. Sometimes when Im in my mood.

You have drummed for some known bands there like the old-Ressurected & Deceased. Is this all? Would you tell the 'time span' between being with those bands? When you played with Deceased are you also playing with Paganfire?
I had my first band w/c is WILD CHILD way back '86 or '87, RESSURECTED '93-'97, DECEASED '97-2000. When I quit in DECEASED that's the time PAGANFIRE was formed.

So are you now totally committed & exclusive to Paganfire? Have other bands asked you to play with them?
Yes!!! But like what I've said Im fully commited with one band and that's PAGANFIRE.

Good drummers are really hard to find & in my experience some fuckers end up having a bloated ego when they got noticed but they don't have the real stamina for metal. So, do you take amps & uppers before gigs or are those just alcohol & metal lust?
Before the gig, we just drink alcohol, no more no less!

You are the only married member right? Most people can't really 'tie the knot with metal', how does your wife feel about the music & lifestyle you are into? Does she listen to metal too or watch your gigs? 
Yes, well it's kinda' crazy she hear what my music is but she doesn't like it, its kinda' noisy, but she respect for what I'm doing even even if it is not pleasant to her ears! She doesn't like Metal or watch our gigs but she knows Metallica and Slayer to be exact.

How about the kids, would you consider them as metal kids already, banging their heads on your metal tunes?
No, but they know how to play drums and how to bang their heads he! he!

Would you teach your kid the sign & ways of metal? What if they would prefer to get into their own thing & wander to some shit you hate, what will you do?
As long that I'm concerned if they want to be Metal someday its up to them to consider what kind of music their goin to listen.

So who are your metal heroes, your best drummer, and your influences? Who are the influences of your co-members that you hate or just dislike?
Metal heroes would be Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Venom, Destruction, Sodom, Testament, Kreator, Metal Church, Exodus to name a few, only thrash bands. My best drummer would be Dave Lombardo, 
Lars Ulrich, Neal Peart & some Jazz band drummer too! All of us had the same influence; Thrash Bands!!!

Vro Vro speaks:

Greetings Vro, I thought you already got married? How's the job & everything else in 'normal' life? Would you call a 'non-metal' life normal?
NO!!!! Iím still a metal bachelor!!!! Metal life is my normal life!!! NO METAL NO LIFE!!! 

Why, when & how did you started playing Bass guitar? Can you also play lead? Any other instrument you know how to play?
Iím the guitarist on my original band Detvastator; I just picked up the bass when I joined Paganfire. Aside from guitars, I donít try anything else.

I think you mentioned in some interviews that you are just a session member of Paganfire, so now, with the demo out, will this be permanent?
Because at that time, I had to clarify things with them if they are for real!!!

How about your original band Detvastator, is that still on the drawing board or you already put it in a coffin?
I really donít want to think it that way, it seems that I canít devote time and focus so itís still on rest!

Let's rewind some years back, you remember when you are not keen in seeing some gigs & I mentioned that some bands do cover some good (or would I say evil?) metal. Do you remember your reaction or feeling when you did saw some bands & especially Paganfire cover some neck breaking metal tunes?
Ha ha ha, that was really memorable because I thought, Paganfire? What a very bad name, I thought they are some kind of black metal influenced shit band because of the name, but when I meet and watch them, I was impressed.

So, how exactly you got to hook up with Paganfire as a bassist? Did they send out an advert? 
It was Nonoy who called me, but I told him I want to jam if we will play Haunting the Chapel/Hell Awaits era Slayer, Exodus and Dark Angel songs. 

How did you find these guys the first time you jammed? Did they accept you like a long lost metal brother with a hug & tears in their eyes or not exactly like that?
As far as I remember, the first jam is not that tight but we are able to get the vibe of each other! The drinking after rehearsal is more interesting!!!

You are also doing metal havoc zine/records/distro. How is it doing it now with a band? Tell us more about the metal havoc releases? 
I had a job and I can do metal stuff while Iím on my job, so everything is doing fine, and it turned out the way I like it. The zine is still no ass kissing crap and no holds barred!!! I donít care if they like it or hate it, as long as Iím honest to my self, thatís important. The label/distro is still releasing cult stuff on both local and foreign bands. All of my releases are only in cassette tape format. All of the stuff I release has permission to the following bands, I discuss things to them before I release their stuff, so this is kind of ďofficialĒ release but it will always be on the underground circuit and I mainly offer it via mail-order, trade and/or cooperation. For all the readers, if you want to know more info and titles about my stuff, just contact me.

So who are your metal heroes, your best bassist, and your influences? Who are the influences of your co-members that you hate or just dislike?
My metal heroes, well, basically itís the 80s metal!!! I think that era is like the 70s hard rock era, pure great music and creativeness. No pretending and self-proclaiming to be this and that, and that what makes it all interesting. It goes also to what influenced me musically and they are too many to mentionÖI think the rest of the band like the album Act III by Death Angel, but for me, I hate that!!! 

Roel Roel Speaks:

Greeting man, how's school? Are you fucking your teacher lately or you prefer your female schoolmate better? 
greeting's to you! school is doing fine i think either of the two choice will be considerable 

You are youngest member of this band, does this old thugs giving you too much shit? Why do you like hanging with those old metal nuts anyway? Do you already drink alcohol when you met this paganfire crackers?
not that much! i only drink in a limit but when i met this paganfire crackers i always get wasted!

Most young metal heads don't dig speed, thrash, power & heavy metal or even the older death metal. Why do you think so? How about you, why do you like them? 
i think bec of trend maybe? or they just dont like or dig metal music maybe? for me there is an echo through my ears that you can feel the intensity that keep the fire burning when i listen to a metal music 
that's why i like them 

In today's time, most people in your age group are in nu-metal. Any one at school bugging you about this? Have you tried bugging them instead?
they dont bug me and i dont bug them either 

You are also playing guitars with the Porn Gore band Chamber69, How do you cut the time for the 2 bands? How do you talk to the guys of both bands about these commitments?
ahh... chamber 69 is a project band the commitments is upon very rarely so i can cut it!

Don't you ever get confused in the riffs that you use, especially in live gigs? There are gig that the 2 bands you are into are both lined-up to play, was there a time that you had play straight between the 2 bands?
yes there is a time that i played straight but i bitterly not confused with the riff!

I remember by college days when teachers, faggots & chicks asks about why we grow our hair long, why wear those what they call 'weird looking' shirts and over all 'evil looking' style, Do you still get these shits in your school? 
not really bec there are many evil looking style in school that wearing that weird looking shirt too! but i dont know if they are really evil as they get use to it!?

How about your parents man, do they give you crap or support? or maybe they have thought you are into fucking drugs or something, are you? 
my parents support me but not 100% maybe 20% and they didnt give me any crap things i think they maybe respect me for what i am so as i give the respect for what they are!

So who are your metal heroes, your best guitarist, and your influences? Who are the influences of your co-members that you hate or just dislike?
my best guitarist is adam clarke,tommi gatis,dave purgh,marty friedman,chris polland and my fav band are ghost rider,deathstrike,sepultura,indestroy,slayer,outrage,metallica&many more..........

Nonoy Nonoy speaks:

Drunken greetings metal bastard! He he he! How's everything in non-metal life so far? Found some groupie already?
Greetings as well homicidal maniac! Well everything is exellent over here. Countless beer bouts and terrible hangovers!!! As for groupies, Im looking for those who are willing for an orgy! Do you know any?

Ok, now let us burn... are you the founding member or Paganfire? So tell how the hell did the fire started, over some drinking sessions? Who are the other original arsonists?
It was me, our drummer Jay and our first guitarist Jerald. It started out as a project band for an on-campus gig, we were a guess band in a battle of the bands sometime in 1999-2000 (I think!). And then we just decided to continue on with it, and here we are! And also, we were known with a different name and we were a 5-piece, and since you asked, the other members were Jay-bass, Jerald-guitars, Krist-vocals, then came Dennis-bass/vocals. Thrash on!!!

Your line-up has changed; I think way back a year or two, right? Who are these new fire bearers for Paganfire? Will this be a permanent set-up?
3. Yes, it did, the "new" bearer of the flames are Rowel Baluyot on guitars and Vro on bass and vocals, and we've been together for quite a while already and as I said, in some other intie, I think this line-up is very potent because everyone is cooperative and hard working, and we really are functioning as a group, and of course we are all driven by our common interest for antiposer, anticrap, thrash fucking metal!!! All the others must die!!!

What happened to your previous members anyway? Can't take heat? Do you still give shit about them, do you bear animosity?
Dennis is in London, I don't have an idea on Jerald and Jay (1st bassist). The last time I saw Krist was when we played at Malate and he was some sort of a sound tech. The last time I got to talk with them, I kept Paganfire out of the question. I don't bear no ill will against them.

The first Paganfire fire I know is more of a gig & cover band as I saw you guys slash some slayer, Sodom, kreator covers on most of the gigs. When did you finally decided to make a demo? What you hindered you in making the demo anyway?
The plans of making songs and creating a demo were already brewing since day 1! It just happened that the musical influences of past members didn't jive. The song writing process didn't progress and several revamps happened. The main thing that kept us back was the line-up thing and musical differences.

Now you have this "Mabangis, Marahas" demo. It seems it took you guys just a little time to create your own music, are all the lyrics & music here written & created only last year (2004)? How long it did exactly took you guys to do the demo, from scratch to final recording? 
I really can't remember. But as for my songs, they've been lying around sice '96! In a way, yes. We only got to play those songs last 2004. But they've been written for some time already. 2-4 hours in all. Sorry, but this is not the proper time for us to discuss exactly how and what we did with the recording. It's a Paganfire classified information, harharhar!!!

Who has the most in-put in the creation process? Do you think you are more creative when you are in the drunken state of mind? Is there any track here created in such case?
As you can read on the demo, we all written a bit, we just present our ideas to each other and try 'em all out. And if a certain riff doesn't fit with Paganfire we collectively junk it! The instrumental piece was written with a very heavy hangover! I can't write songs when I'm drunk! But I find it true, playing the guitar with hangover is exellent! Just like this intie, Im answering it complete with a headache and a 
very heavy hangover! Argh!

This demo is actually a live recording from your session or rehearsal studio which gives it the raw n live sound but some might not really like this 'coz of that, you know, as not all eats raw! What can you say about it? Is this like a fish hook trying to get those who are with in the band's mind set?
Yes it is. We just felt that this best represents Paganfire in a very honest and natural way. This is a demo, so don't expect any polished sound or superior production values!!! This is a decent recording to say the least. This is a harpoon straight to the hearts of those who drool over computerized sounding bands! We just proved here that we are human! In the age of machine gun production, here we are! No compromise!!!

For this demo, you have used horror film samplings. Did you guys voted for this? I know you & Vro dig horror flicks, how about the other guys? Who selected those samplings & who mixed it to the songs?
We had no qualms over the samples. The other guys know that we'll only inject what's best for the demo. Besides, have you heard any other local metal demos lately that used this kind of Tagalog sampling? They don't have the guts! This infamous sample has long been searched and wanted by Vro and me. We just felt that this sample is very strong and will draw lots of mixed reactions. Vro did the mixing and editing of Mabangis! Marahas!

The new Single... 2 version of Glorious Arson & Live extracts from previous gig...Click to ENLARGE!!!The 1st fucking Demo!!! Sold Out!!!...Clik to ENLARGE!!! So, this is released in a limited 100 copies, as of the time answering this intie ( put date & time here! ) how many has been sent out to burn out the metal ears? Will you push for a 're-release' or '2nd pressing' after the 100 is depleted?
Jan. 16, 2005 10:30 a.m., It's been sold out after 6 months of release, I think 50 or more has been sent overseas. We really want it to be re-released by other people, in a different format and/or version. D.I.Y or PRO, hah! Re-release it!!! Trendcrusher Productions 001!!!Sssssshhhhhhhhhhh....

By the way, how do you pull this off, having a band & also making a zine? Doesn't these take more time & money away from drinking?
11. It's hard, like fucking 2 cunts at once! It's very unavoidable that other one might get delayed or can't be fully worked on! Hah! The Scene #5 is still in the works!! Nah, it doesn't take too much time and money away from drinking, thrash, porn and alcohol forever!! Beer binge or die!!

So who are your metal heroes, your best guitarist/vocalist, and your influences? Who are the influences of your co-members that you hate or just dislike? 
James Hetfield, Frank Blackfire, Slayer, D.R.I., Agnostic Front, Holy Terror, Kreator, Dark Angel, Exodus and tons more. None because my co-members are all thrash maniacs!!!

Paganfire with Mr. Mark Sawickis of Impetigo...The Orgy! Where the fuck is Roel???

Tell us what the hell is happening there in the Capital of the Philippines, metal is up the trends again eh?!? With radios picking up metal tunes, interviewing bands & more bands springing up like mushrooms on cow dung & old bands getting back & more people are going to gigs. So what do you think of it all? Are you all up for it? Is it really a good sign?

Jay: Well, no wonder some bands like publicity and they call their band so-called "underground" bullshit, they don't know what underground really means and some shit bands shifting to thrash metal and their playing death or grind! It's good thing that so many band exist now adays because for them putting a band is a "HIP" they don't know what the hell they doin!!!

Vro: We are more into cleansing the "scene" than to be part of them!!! I despise them all!!!

Nonoy: You are absolutely right! More and more trendy blockheads are sprouting everyday. Even mainstream radio is picking up! I despise them all!!! Exploitative productions, know nothing bands, ugly groupies, kiss ass zines, rip-offs, bootleggers, fuck!!! Nothing is good! All longhairs should cut their hairs! All skinheads must grow their hair back!! There is NO SCENE IN THE PHILIPPINES! And Paganfire is absolutely not in this for stupid awards and crappy exposures!!! Get drunk and bang your head!!! Die poser scum!! We know who you are!!!

Have you sent your demo to the radio station playing metal toons? What if they got hold of your demo & played it, what will you do? Or if they tried to reach you guys for an interview, would you oblige? 

Jay: Just air the song and let's see how the real metal would react!

Vro: NO!!! If it happened they got a hold of it and aired it, thatís fine with me!!!

Nonoy: We don't have that on our agenda, but in case that'll happen it'll be very good way for them to shut their pie holes and just listen to Paganfire. Again, they don't have the guts to get our demo and they won't play it. Specially with all this controversies surrounding Paganfire. And as you said, "not all eats raw". Our demo is only for those who are into Metal and not showbiz metal. It's not my goal to be played on a mainstream radio show, that runs only 1 hour a month and call themselves metal. Fuck!!! That's silly!!! Intie? I already had plan for that but I won't tell. Just let them try!!! Nyahaha!!

So many metal pirates are out there too! With cd-r copies of international bands selling at 30pesos (about U$ 0.5), even newly released stuff from not so mainstream metal labels (Yeah! I saw some releases from Karmageddon Media!), what the fuck is going on there? I bet you know who are behind these?!?

Jay: Actually only muslim sells that kind of shit only here in our country.

Vro: In the most popular store at Cartimar, the people behind it are member of the band Rage of Scariot (I think the drummer or guitarist or both, Iím not really sure). As for those pirates at the streets, I donít know whoís behind it. Iím against to all that they are doing, its pure business and money-making, it has nothing to do with metal or to support the scene!!!

Nonoy: The metal pirates you talk about is NOCTURNAL RECORDS, run by Sonny who plays drums for Rage of Scariot (isn't he your friend? .. I remember reading this somewhere .."If you consider all your co-workers as a friend, then you need to get a social life." -Roy )   Well, he's a very good businessman, but a very poor metalhead. I really don't like what he's doing. But what the fuck can we do? The Cdrs are selling like pancakes. But rest assured, that I never bought any of these P30 stuff. Although some titles are indeed very tempting, and I really can't blame the kids who keep on buying from him and streets. They have no choice. The best thing they could do is resort to trading. STOP MAKING NOCTURNAL RECORDS RICHER!!! They are making your favorite bands poorer!!! Wake up!!! Boycott Nocturnal Records Now!!!

Your demo is available also on cd-r. Aren't you afraid that those pirates will copy your stuff too? What will you do if you find your demo out there on the street sold by the buckets?

Jay: No, we are not afraid that they would pirate our demo, its up to them. The good part if the pirate would be sold out, he! he! PAGANFIRE would be known better!

Vro: Who will be tough enough to do such a thing?

Nonoy: We are not considering the atmosphere of the demo, they won't sink their teeth into it, simply because it doesn't sound radio friendly. It is not commercial sounding! And it can't be sold at the buckets, 
because most manila based poseurs hate us!!! The possibility of Paganfire being pirated is not feasible. I really don't see it happening!
..from earlier gigs.. Y2003
You have been branded as notorious, elitist & not really a friendly bunch! And a project gig of yours has also been sabotaged. Why do you think those people hate you? Do you know why the 
mess got started? How do you deal with it?

Jay:  We just don't know, their just bunch of insecure fuckers that they mind us. Instead of minding their business, we just keep quiet instead of wasting our time to them, their not metal, their all bunch of 

Vro:  We are just true to ourselves, the thing that we become notorious to them is because they admitted they are poseurs, sore-losers, cry babies, cowards and obviously insecure to us!!!

Nonoy: I really don't care what the posers say. As far as I'm concerned, what we are doing is right. We are not here to pose or to be cute to achieve movie star status. We are not baggy pants wearing 
thrash band. I'm not aware of any thrash metal band in exixtence that is afraid to get drunk on stage and curse and swear around. Do you really think their idols are friendly? All these people who are bad 
mouthing us are nothing more but a bunch of insecure faggots. They just keep on talking wanting to be famous but they lack of action and substance. We decided to let them do what they do best: TALK. 
They'll just burn themselves out, insecure faggots should join Starstruck (local talent search) instead, as far Paganfire, our agendas and actions will surely bring results that will staple their mouths shut. 
Don't worry Roy, we'll never stoop down to their very low level.

I think, probably, one reason, is about all the stage banters & hate words & curses you throw at posers in gigs. So will you stop doing it, you know, saying fuck off & fuck you to the ones you call 
'false metal'??

Jay: Its freedom of speech, we can do what ever we want to do in stage and some or most people enjoying it, for some its not because they think their the one we hated and throwing dirty & nasty word, poor, poor, poor!!!

Vro: What we do is freedom of expression. All of them are hypocrites and obviously lame!!! Or put it simple: GAY!!!

Nonoy:  As I've said, the idea of metal to these people have is CUTE and FRIENDLY. Fuck, even Axl Rose was once considered dangerous on and off stage. I really can't embrace the idea of cursing and swearing not being allowed on stage. Do you? I mean, the stage and mic is ours, so we can say what we want. What's wrong with that? How can they call themselves PURISTS when their ears hurt when words like "Bang your heads mga putangina nyo" are sprewing out of the monitors and speakers? I ask, what's wrong with that!?!? (Maybe they want it in all English... like... "bang your heads grandmother-fuckers!" he he he....roy) If they can't handle a thrash band that's NOT lame and compromising, sorry for them. We will not stop cursing and letting fuck you's rain during our set. NEVER! Because this is what we are, drunken thrash fucking metal!!!

What is false & true metal to you anyway? How would you separate them in an instant view? Of course to the nu metal you are the false one, what can you say to them?

Jay: True metal for me is aggressive and dedicated to oneself (or the attitude). Meaning don't listen to crappy shit and also listening to old school stuff to where all started even if thrash, death, grind, etc. False metal, simple, POSER don't know what song is that, don't know what the hell is he doin in the gig! NU Metal is a crap for me, there's no more nu metal that I've heard like the old stuff that I'm listening, instead "NA METAL" not acceptable to Metal, he! he!

Vro: I wonít brag things here about what is true or false but one thing is for sure, Iím not false metal!!! Anyone to argue? About those nu-metal, I donít give a damn, its mainstream media labeling, that genre has nothing to do with Metal and itís not metal!!!

Nonoy: The false metal I see are the bands, personas, and their supporters who want to be famous, rich, make money out of metal, trendy know nothing bands, rockstar attitude filled people, unprofessional productions outfits, pretenders, posers, blahblah, what nu-metal?

Some bands & people can't really take criticism, (play inside your house & never make a demo you dumb ass motherfuckers!!! He he he..), but how about you guys, will you run amok or pay a hitman to fuck someone in the ass or throw bottles at him if that guy says he doesn't like your music & your sound sucks?

Jay: Yeah, we know someone who's into that kind of shit from the band?!? and that guy name is ?!? He's sick man, he doesn't know what the hell he's been doin, were not goin to run amok but sooner he's goin to pay the price!

Vro:08. Thatís fine with me because you canít please everyone!!! 

Nonoy:8. Hahaha, we are not afraid to be criticized and we won't get mad either. That's the exact point in releasing material. And that's the only thing that might happen, people may like or hate it. We won't pay anyone, we'll just do the job ourselves!!! We'll be wearing masks and Paganfire T-shirts!!!

2 members (Nonoy & Vro) are both doing separate zines. Are there plans of joining instead? Do you share resources for the zine? How are the zines anyway, latest number of issue? Have you ever kissed ass in an interview for your zines like I do (do I??)?? Which number issue of your zines will you recommend?

Jay: No, I don't have a plan to do a fanzine, but Vro have a new zine out lately.

Vro: I had no intention to anyone to do a split issue. Metal Havoc zine is currently on issue#5. 

Nonoy: Yes, I edit THE SCENE Zine and Ish#5 is still on works!!! No, we don't have any plans joining forces. I recommend my 3rd ish. I never kissed anyone's ass, I'm just honest and straightforward, as for you Roy, keep on pissing everybody off!!! (Why who did I fucking pissed??-roy)

Are you more active in gigs now than before? Is there a difference in crowd reactions when you played more covers then, in comparison to now, that you play more originals? 

Jay: Same thing now and before doin some shit, stuff like that! much aggressive when we play our original songs!

Vro: Actually, nothing had change that much because even at the time we play covers, most of the crowd thought we are playing originals!!!

Nonoy: NO, we only play worthwhile gigs. NO TRENDY CRAP! We also started making our own shows. No, there is no noticeable differences between crowd reactions, then and now. They just stare blankly at us. Maybe they are trying to comprehend what they are hearing and seeing when we play. Some bang their heads some go crazy!!!

It seems that metalheads there are starting to really bang their heads, not like before, which they act as if they are watching a fucking opera or something. Or is it just a gig to gig basis? Where & when was the most boring gig you played on or watched? What should be done to those 'just watching' & to the 'gig sleepers'?

Jay: Some motherfuckers don't bang their head even if it is Metal because they don't know the songs. So far most of our gig are OK and the crowd react violent!

Vro: It's because PAGANFIRE is on stage. If there is no PAGANFIRE on a fucking gig, for sure it's fucking boring!!!

Nonoy: Yes, it's a gig to gig basis. Hahaha. The crowd are only doing that now. I really don't remember seeing bangers during our very early gigs. Most boring gig? Metal Assualt 2, Bakallize, etc. The crowd there just stared at us. No bangers, no hecklers etc. The boring gigs I watched are too many to remember. They should ask themselves why they are there. If they consider themselves metal and want to enjoy, they should bang their heads. If not, they should just go home and go to sleep!! (Maybe they are just shy? or it might ruin the hair?? he he he)

Have you played outside the city? If ever, where? If no, where do you exactly want to play live?

Jay: We haven't play outside the city. Were planning to play in Bicol this year and in north Olonggapo City!

Vro: I want to play in Davao and curse every poser fags and rip-off there face to face and if I had the opportunity, I will kick their sorry ass too!!!

Nonoy: No. I'd rather play in Polangui, Albay because I'm from there!!!

..some where in QC, 2003... What are your plans now; will there be a new demo or a full length in the near future? Will you be doing more gigs to promote the band or will you be friendlier to other metalheads who just want to be your friend?

Jay: Were finishing our 2nd demo and we just released our single "Glorious Arson" and after this maybe an album. Were concentrating in our demo first, then gig to promote what we've done, were friendly to posers he! he!

Vro: Only those who are tough enough and have the guts became our friends! Itís either they are with us or against us!!! Our plans will remain obscure!!! 

Nonoy: a new demo, write more songs, release more vcd's. Yes we are talking about releasing a full length, that is one of our goals. Only stupid bands don't think of such!!! We will be releasing a new promo Cdr real soon and some other merchandise. We are planning to do some more gigs within the year. This will be self-organized shows. Other people's invitations will be discussed later on. Friends? I don't care, this is a very silly question! If i need friends, I'll do a slum book instead!!! Do you really think people would like to know us in a more personal level? I don't think so!!! 

I believe you are looking for foreign distro, have any one carried your stuff into their merchandise list? How about to the international zines, have you sent out your demo yet? How is the outcome?

Jay: Yes, too many to mention, it's not yet the right time to reveal our agenda, just watch out metalheads!!!

Vro: Yes!!! About the media, everything seems so positive, they can really feel what we deliver!!! 

Nonoy: Mabangis! Marahas! is distroed by the following great people: Deathstrike Records (Germany), Beowolf Productions (US), Mince Core distro (Belgium). No amount of words can be express our deepest gratitude and thanks for them!!! We haven't got the chance to send copies to zines because it got sold out before hand!!! The response so far, I could say is favorable.

Why use the name paganfire? You are all Christians right? Do you practice the early philippines ways of paganism? What is the relevance of your band name to your musick?

Jay: Actually, Dennis our former bassist came up with PAGANFIRE name, four of us think of a good name then we decided to pick Dennis idea of having such a name. The relevance of our band name to our musick is more of a reality, anger, aggression, what we feel doin in our musick, we are goin to do it, especially in writing lyrics!

Vro: I had nothing to do with the name!!! Relevance? well, religion is not on my system but I know how to respect others belief as long it doesnít affects me.

Nonoy: I strongly beleive that there is a PAGAN or Non Believer in each one of us. Wheather, Arab or Christian or Whatever. It is human nature to question things and to be deviant, besides some famous practice is the shitty Christmas Tree and Halloween. These are just 2 practices that are of Pagan origin. Even muslims have practices that are derived from Pagan Arab rituals. This is where the FIRE seeps in. So the name is a sort of a metaphoric statement. Reflected to our music, we try to be uncompromising and unconventional in our own way; trendcrushing, poser slaying thrash metal.

And why thrash metal? You do listen to Heavy Metal & death & grind & some Black metal too right?

Jay: First our influence is Thrash, we are all listening to old school thrash and you will feel the adrenalin rush and aggression inside of you! Yes we listen to death, grind, etc, but the tunes came with thrash, the only different from thrash is that their into low tunes rather than standard E to thrash metal, tune to B or C#, it's just the same man!

Vro: I really don't want to put a label to our music, we just do what we want. But we are more comfortable on the "thrash metal" tag than to label us with a lot of alien crap and funny things many people and media are inventing, although most of the people that heard us says we had some extra sound than just the traditional thrash metal. I listen to different genre of metal because Iím a heavy metal maniac!!!

Nonoy: I've been into thrash metal since my early teens. If you are listening to obscure thrash bands, you'd agree with me saying that all the heaviness, aggression, creativity that the early 70's heavy rock bands have laid down were further improved and almost perfected during that era. Some may disagree but for me the best form of metal is the whole 80s thrash thing. If you're a real thrash fanatic, you'll know what I mean. Primitive bangings, all out speed, technical thrash, jazz, progressive, you can find all these elements, if you'll just know where and what to look for. I listen to other forms of metal (grind, black, death only!) just for the heck of it. Nothing serious that could affect my songwriting and overall drive. We spit on those who choose to pose, we thrash among the rest!!!

When was the last time you get got too drunk to fuck? Have you guys ever puked on each other either by accident or for fun? What is your brand of choice when it comes to alcoholic intoxators?Drunkards From Hell!!! Paganfire w/ members of Chamber69, Incarion & Deiphago!!!

Jay: NO! Fuck man, just purely music! We never puked even if we were drunk. Alcohol brand "SAN MIGUEL BEER"!!!

Vro: How can I remember that? Iím fucking drunk!!! My brand of choice is Jack Daniels and San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen!!! 

Nonoy: That never happens. I don't drink and fuck afterwards. If i drink, I drink, if i fuck, i fuck!! We have never puked on each other because that seldom happens. We puke because we are full and not because we are drunk! I know you know that is true!!! Hah!! You lost your wits, last time we drank!!  (Yeah! Puke & drink some more!!! sorry if I puked on you!! Ha ha!!) I consume any brand of alcohol! Brandy, whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, whatever! The newest beer of San Miguel called strong ice is excellent!!!

Keep the fire burning but I have to extinguish this interview... Thanks & I hope you I did not piss you off he he he... till when shall you bear the pagan's fire? Tell more how to get your demo & who to contact. And how shall you spread the fire for 2005???

Jay: Thanks a lot Roy! Hope to see you soon! 'Till the end of time. Our demo is available only from us, you can contact Noy or Vro, just be ready for our next demo, were goin to put all the poser and metalhead to our burning fire, to eat them and suck them!!! Thanks again man!!!

Vro: Thanks Roy for being a true metal brother for all these years and also for the support!!! Wish you all the best with your activity and always keep the faith!!!

Nonoy: Many thanks to you Roy and Trendcrusher zine!! When we will drink again? Thrash 'till death!!! all Paganfire inquiries should be sent to: 

Nonoy Padrejuan #60 Narig st., Veterans Village, Project 7, 1105, 
Quezon City, Philippines. 

Expect more cursing, more fuck you's, more drinkiing for 2005!! Get our promo and other merchandise!! Lasapin ang bangis ng aming kamandag na parang sa asong ulol na kagat ng kagat!!! Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Lipulin ang mga mapagpanggap!!! Kamatayan sa mga huwad na Metal!!! (Rough Trans: Savor the bestiality of our venom like that of a rabid dog who bites & bites!!!Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Genocide to the impostors!! Death to those of the false Metal!!!)- I hope that was a good translation!! Keep the fire burning!!!!-TC