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Welcome to my Web site!

Here you'll find information on how I transformed myself from a 127kg couch potato, to get down to 92kgs.
Currently as of December I have gone back up to 98kgs, but that has been on purpose as I have been going through a bulking phase. I eat plenty and train hard.
Eating plenty ensures you stay in positive calorie balance to enable muscle growth. In the new year, January 2003, I'll be "cutting" to get below 90kgs. I'll post weekly commentary here so you can see how I'm progressing.

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Communities & Forums

These are the sites I use for my nutritional and exercise advice.

bullet Over 35 forums (
bullet German Volume Training
bullet My Fitday Journal

Sites I have created in my spare time....

bullet Southland's New Hospital
bullet Riverside Speedway

 The forum I almost live on...
bullet Over 35 forums (
bullet My Benchpress Journal
bullet Did my Squats today

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Photo Album


Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from when I started to loose my weight and transform myself.  

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