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True Ghost Stories


Ghost Train of Old Railroad Bed Road

(Toney Alabama area)


My name is Jerry Sykes. I can't think of the name of the road at the intercetion, but about 4 or 5 miles south of the Tennessee line on Old Railroad Bed Road is a store that sits facing the corner of the two roads. I used to do pest contol, about nine or ten years ago i had a stop just before dark. This was in the winter time dark came early, around 5pm after the stop it was dusk, the sky was cloudy, and it was kind of cold. I stopped at that store to get a drink. When i got out of my truck I noticed that the wind was very still, but all of a sudden it picked up. It was eriee, I heard the sound of a train and then it died down again and it picked back up. I heard it again. Then I thought the nearest railroad was at least 15 or 20 miles away. i read your story and remembered that. ill try and find out the name of the road that crosses old railroad bed road for you. Thanks for reminding me of that. It was eriee, but at the same time it was cool.

Thanks, Jerry W. Sykes


Bee Spring Church

(Elkton, Tennessee)

Okay. We heard about this church/cemetery just over the Tennesse line. The story we were told was nothing big, just that if you took a camera there you could use the flash to see orbs floating around the church. We tried this and it did work, but we soon grew tired of it. We decided to try our luck across the street at the cemetery. We all felt strange about entering the cemetery (not sure why, it just seemed like a bad idea) so we stood just outside of it by the stone wall surrounding the cemetery. One of the guys with us was just about to snap a picture when I noticed what looked like two lights floating maybe ten feet over the cemetery. I got the attention of the other two guys with me and pointed out the lights. We all stood shocked at what we were seeing. The guy with the camera started to take pictures when we noticed several large dark figures comig at us at a fairly rapid speed. We all freaked out and began running to the car. Once we were inside and turned around, the camera guys asked me to pull the car up to the wall for one last picture. Once I reversed the car to the wall, he rolled down the window and we haerd the sound of footsteps running through the leaves toward the car. I stepped on the gas to afraid to stick around and find out what it was.






Paris, Tennessee (Haunted House)

When i started dating one of my girlfriends back in like 8th grade i would go over to her house... next to a big grave yard... go figure. I never thought much of anything about it or anything.everytime i would walk up the stairs to her room there was always this one step on the stairs that would be ice cold... i thought they had like a vent or what not there.. so never thought anything of it...untill i was at her house.. and her crazy uncle danny came over(he was into weird chinesse thearapy and the supernatural, i personally thought he was full of sh!t) but we were just watching t.v. in the downstairs living room, conviently close to the stairs.... and he went up on the stairs and said," you do know your house is haunted?" we just laughed... and then he came back down and was like "yes, you have a ghoul that resides in your wall on your staircase" .... then we stopped laughing and listened... he said that he was going to make it leave... soo we stood up and watched him... he went up on the stairs... and firmly put his hands on the wall standing on that step.. and strongly told it to leave emmediatly....well then he screamed really loud and JUMPED LIKE 6 stairs down and looked at us out of breath with his Ears GLOWING RED... and he just said.. "i think i p!ssed it off"... we f!cking freaked out.. i wanted to leave... but my girlfriend made me stay.. so i stayed and about an hour later... danny calmly went to the step right before the cold one and asked it to forgive him for being rude... then told him that another family lives here and that it should pass on very nicely and that this is not were it belonged even if it was lost.well, as soon as he did that... he came down and was like "matt, come up stairs with me" i was like f!ck no... and he was said there wasnt shit to worry about.. so i did... and he told me to stand on that stair.... and guess what? it was room temp., just like the rest of the house. Weird huh? We later on looked at the residental history of the house.. and sure enough... there was a young boy that lived there with his parents.The boy died from a head injury from falling down those same exact stairs. I was a total sceptic untill that whole experience. Enjoy, Matt B.

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Ghost of Goat Ranch Road

I did not believe in paranormal things, such as ghost and spirits. Now, I can say that I am 100% curious and 99% sure that they exist. My story goes:This past Sunday (10/12/03) I visited my parents in Marion County. I was on my way back home when I decided to stop by and see a friend that I have not seen in years. I was not sure if he even still lived there. It was on a small dirt road that the locals know as Goat Ranch (not sure how it got it's name; never saw a goat there). From the paved road, you have to take a dirt road past a small church and cemetary and travel another 2 to 3 miles. After about a mile past the church, I felt the car getting a little more bumpy on the dirt road. I could tell I was getting a flat. I thought I may make it to my friends house but I didn't. I had to stop in the middle of the road because there was no shoulder, and barely room for two cars to pass. I was busy changing it when it almost felt like someone was behind me. I turned and saw nothing. I finished and was loading the flat tire back up and I looked behind me again. This time I saw and old man standing right on the edge of the road. It was late evening and the sun was behind the trees, but still lit enough to see that it was someone there. He was about 50 yard from me and dressed in what looked like work coveralls. I threw my hand up as if trying to be cortious and wave to him but he only looked off to the side. Well I thought that he must not could see that well and just out for a walk. I got back in my car and went on to my friends house. I looked back as I drove off, but he was already gone..?When I got to my friends house I found out that he had moved since because it had a different name on the mailbox, so I just turned around and went back. On my way back out, I looked for the old man. Just as I passed where he was the first time, I saw him again. I slowed but kept going and just as I passed him, I could have sworn that he jumped at the car. I swerved and looked back but did not see him. I drove to the church right before you get back onto the pavement and stopped just to ease my mind that I did not hit him. I looked at the side and the only thing I saw was a muddy smear mark on the door handle. When I got back in, I noticed muddy boot prints in the carpet. No one had been on the passneger side in a week or more, and no one had muddy feet. I drove on home and the next day cleaned the carpet. I can not say that this was anything but it sure was enough to get me wondering. I called my brother that still lives not far from there and told him. He said that all the kids say that Goat Ranch is haunted, but it is suppose to be a myth. He did say that the cemetary grounds keeper did get ran over and killed on that road walking to his house during a rain storm. He said this was suppose to have happened in the early 70s. I had not known this before so how would I have placed this in my mind. I am still puzzled. Has anyone heard about this kinda of thing or this place. It is located just off of HWY129 between Brilliant and Winfield in Marion County.

Story submitted by Feernot

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