a monster from the old bone pile
by poetXtreme

a monster from the old bone pile
came to visit
he had no nose, no eyes
no ears, no cheeks, no forehead
nothing but lips
I remembered his name was no face

hey, no face, I said to him
he stood at my door
with a big toothy grin
you seem happy about something
come on in and tell me about it

well, he came into my house
sat at the table
but he didn't say a thing
not a single thing
what use is it, I thought, to be
all mouth and have nothing to say?

trying to be the conversationalist
that I am not
I said to him, how are things
at the old bone pile?
what's happening with the new brood
of monsters?

still, he said nothing
is there anything I can get for you?
I asked him
how about a cup of muddy water?
or maybe a bloody knuckle sandwich?
his grin got bigger
and he shook his lips up and down

hey, no problem, I said
I got some here in the refrigerator
let me serve you
do you want slime on your sandwich?
or do you prefer it with dirt?
he shrugged his shoulders
I gave him one of each

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