Darkness &

Amy Grech

Douglas is surrounded by nothingness.  No matter where he looks, nothingness stares back.  Above him it is black; beneath him it is white.  His hair flies behind him, whipping in the wind.  It blends with the blackness above.  The CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, of his boots echoes loudly on the endless road as he plods on.

The cigarette he takes from his shirt pocket blends with the ground. When he lights it, he resembles a man clenching some distant universe's smoking sun between his teeth.

His eyes never stop wandering, though there's nothing to see.  The blank ground he treads on reveals nothing.  When he opens his mouth to yawn, some distant universe's sun slips from his lips without a sound. It is the only thing Douglas notices.  Watching the tiny star make its smoky descend does not alter his expressionless face.  He simply blinks and plods on as if nothing has happened.

The whiteness blinds him, making the wasteland he has discovered harder to bear.  Douglas continues, until nothingness surrounds him and only the blackness, the whiteness, and the ashes of some distant universe's sun remain.



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