Jerry Vilhotti

Jerry Vilhotti graduated from the only college that won the NIT and NCCA basketball tournaments in the same year but more importantly than that - a Jonas Salk who helped rid some of the world of polio with his vaccine was also given the opportunity to contribute to Mankind and graduated from the same NYC school that's called in some circles: "The poor man's Harvard". This and the fact that there was a place of higher learning that indeed gave every race, nationality and creed an opportunity to play in the game of sculpting a better world gives him great joy.

He has been fortunate to have had stories published in the USA, Greece, India, Scotland, Ireland, England and Canada; many of which were literary magazines. He lives among the Litchfield Hills: the ghosts of Mark Twain is east, Harriet Beecher Stowe is on the west and John Brown is to the north. Vilhotti lives in a simpler place in time, with a beautiful wife who treats him well and waits for him to return from his imaginary meandering and they both helped - he swears to God! - in bringing three sort of nice kids into this world and hopes they find a loved one as good and tender as the one he found long ago and far away - just like the song!

Amy Grech has sold seventy stories to various magazines including: 1,000, Alexandria Digital Literature, Blue Murder Magazine,, Cold Storage, Dark Muse, Deviant Minds, The Dream People, Funeral Party 2,, House of Pain, The Murder Hole, Nasty Snips, Shadow Keep, Shadow of the Marquis, Tapestry Magazine, Terror Tales, Twisted Tales, and Venus or Vixen. Her novel, The Art of Deception is available at

Stories are forthcoming in: Blood Moon Zine, Blood Rose, Micro Stories Anthology, Reckless Abandon, Rogue Worlds, and The Swamp. She is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association who lives in Brooklyn. Visit her web site:, for a good fright. Comments welcome:

Derek Adams

Derek Adams was born in London, England in 1957. He is a professional photographer who has been working at the Natural History Museum, London, since 1984.


J.D. Nelson

J. D. Nelson is a Fine Artist living and writing in Metro Denver, Colorado. When he's not crafting his poetry, he lends his vocal and lyrical talents to an extremely loud band which is between names. His poems appear in the web journals Unlikely Stories, Spent Angel Press, remark and Fluid Ink Press. In 2002, his work will appear in Dirty Pigeon Press, Joey and the Black Boots, Pogonip, Thunder Sandwich, Snow Monkey, Plain Brown Wrapper, The Dream People, sidereality and The Shadow Show. He is a loyal fan of the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. Reach him at:

Richard Fein

Richard Fein has been published in numerous print and web journals.
He has two personal web pages with samples of his photography and poetry. photo album Poems

Malachi Doane

Malachi Doane | Artist in general, poet at large.
A.S. Corning Community College, Liberal Arts
B.A. Elmira College, Classical Studies
M.A.- Cert. Vysoka Skola Ekonomicka, Central European Studies
Http:// "The Prague Journal" E-Journal from my time Prague "My Time at Elmira College" First published manuscript of poetry.

Allen Boothe

Allen Boothe has been published in two issues of Better Than A Stick in the Eye, and has also appeared on Omniscient's Sanctuary of Literary Absurdity under the Political Gallery. His interests are reading, writing, art, and aimlessly staring at a blank walls trying to figure out what it is that it's trying to tell him.

Hertzan Chimera

Mike Philbin (aka Hertzan Chimera) is a senior 3D artist on the Sick Puppies project Ghost Master in Oxford. Under the pseudonym Michael Paul Peter, he is the author of the legendary 1990 Creation Press psycho-erotic novel RED HEDZ. Under the Hertzan Chimera keyboard name, his chapbooks NEURONE FRY UP and THE LESS FASIONABLE SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE and his sci-fi horrotica novel SZMONHFU (pronounced like the French "Je m'en fous!") were released by Eraserhead Press of Portland, OR. 2002, sees the release of the parallel constitution split-brain shock horror novel UNITED STATES also from Eraserhead Press.

The Hertzan Chimera short story THE SHELL BREAKER was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2001.

Mike Philbin is a member of the H.W.A. Find out more at his "official" website For info on SZMONHFU" - 278 pages of psycho-horrotica visit Also check out "BROKEN" - twisted gore-soaked tales of sex, pain & death

Kenji Siratori

Kenji Siratori is a young Japanese author who classes himself as a 'hypermodern writer working in a digital environment'. Born in 1975, he currently lives in Sapporo, Japan.
Siratori's book, Blood Electric, can be ordered from

M. Garrow Bourke

M. Garrow Bourke's artwork and fiction largely remain an underground phenomenon. Fried Anchovies with Bloody Bouillabaisse, his incindiary first novel, and his essay "The Art of Ribbing: a History of Sexist Humor" caused quite a stir among readers. Bourke (whose last name defies pronounciation) is currently hiding out and working on his second novel. When the urge to write wanes Bourke resorts to extreme digital image rendering. He is a traveling man who calls the roads of the United States of America his home.

Brian Schropp

Brian is a cartoonist on general trouble maker living too close to Washington, DC.

Lindell Kay

Lindell Kay is a college student in coastal North Carolina who is studying journalism and plans to be a writer for a news magazine. He is married with a wife and three children

Kevin L. Donihe has had over 100 stories and poems published in/accepted into over 70 magazines and anthologies in five countries. These venues include: The Mammoth Book of Legal Thrillers, Eldritch Tales, Cemetery Sonata II, Darkness Rising, Thin Ice, Crossroads, Enigmatic Tales, Nasty Piece of Work, Frisson, Roadworks, Freezer Burn Magazine, Rictus, The Dream Zone, Penny Dreadful, Psychopoetica, Frightnet, and many others. Shall We Gather at the Garden?--an 80,000 word novel--was recently released in trade-paperback by Eraserhead Press. He is also the editor of BARE BONE--the second issue of which is going to press this month. Visit his web site at

David Mathew graduated in 1993 and then worked abroad for a few years. He now lives in Bedfordshire, England, and is working on a novel. His day job is in a college of further education.

Margie Prahl is an artist and abstract painter living in Alexandria, VA. She has studied art for many years at The Torpedo Factory Art Center a unique and highly respected visual arts center. She recently made her debut at Alexandria's Art on the Avenue where her paintings were much in demand. To see more of her work visit Margie's web site

Greg Stant

Spoken War online poetry -
photography -

Andy Miller

Born a little ways from the shore of Lake Erie, Andy Miller studied anthropology and Romance languages in school, and is a writer. He also paints, and his writing extends to Color Music. Two of his favorite web destinations are and

Cameron A. Straughan is a writer, editor, publisher, film maker, and fisheries biologist. Two of his short films won the Award of Merit at the 2000 Ryerson Polytechnic University Continuing Education Film Awards. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Environmental Studies Degree at York University. His plan of study at York is entitled Communicating Via Environmental Productions and his major project will be a documentary about Algonquin Park wolves - tentatively entitled Home of the Wolf. The digital video documentary will take an ecosystem view of the wolf and will feature input from a wide variety of stakeholders. His films and videos have appeared in the Eco Arts Festival (York University, Toronto), R/Evolution Conference (Concordia University, Montreal), and the Environmental Studies Association of Canada's Environmental Arts & Performance Community Evening (University of Toronto).

He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been writing short stories for 13 years now. His work has appeared in Satire, Black Cat 115, Intro-Spex, The Ontarion, The Peak, Exhibit B, Drift, and The Journal of Great Lakes Research. He has performed his short stories at various open-mike events, including readings in Windsor, Ontario, and throughout Vancouver, BC. He began Kadath Press 5 years ago.

M. F. KORN has written eleven novels and had over 200 story appearances in magazines worldwide. SKIMMING THE GUMBO NUCLEAR available on, as are the two paperback collections: CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and ALIENS, MINIBIKES, AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA. He resides in Louisiana as a bored programmer, but has a daughter, Savannah, five years old. Mike also has a degree in Piano and used to enjoy playing Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Chopin and ragtime, and listening to Requiems, Sacred Masses for the Dead. His newly furbished web page is at so people can gawk at its hideousness.

Long ago Max Strange discovered how to deal with pre-bedtime-snacking-induced nightmares...write 'em down and share them! Strange has had several stories, poems, and art pieces in the speculative fiction small press, but that was almost a decade ago before life intruded and Strange became too busy to write. Recent events have awakened Strange to the fact that no one is promised "a round 'tuit," and nightmares had better be shared while they can.

Andrew Penland

Andrew Penland is a self-taught artist and poet living in Concord, North Carolina. His influences include Basquiat, Cummings, Burroughs, Bukowski, Miro, and Rza of the Wu-Tang Clan. To see more of his work visit these sites


The monster, poetXtreme, was born in Cuba to a pair of Californians. Also known as pXt (pronounced "psst"), he was published in several forgotten rags while still a teenager and into his early twenties. After a two decade silence, and two failed marriages, poetXtreme is once again offering his poetry to the reading populace. He is also the father of three humans; a stepdaughter, a son, and a daughter.

Claudio Parentela

An illustrator, mail artist, and cartoonist, Claudio is very active in the international underground scene. He has worked with publishers in Italy and around the world, such as: Labour of Love, ZZZzine, Bries, Ratriot, All About Fucking, Kami Zine, PUS!, Roktober, Bathtub Gin, Experimental Forest, Moon, Malefact, Sick Puppy, Pitchfork, Edgar, and many more. During 1999 he was guest at the Break 21 Festival in Ljubljana(Slovenja). His strange artworks are in many art galleries in the immense web. In these last months he has exhibited his artworks at the association Microcosmo (Torino); at the Girasole (Villa Basilica-Italy); at the Tabula Rasa (Barcellona-Espain); at the Galerie Slaphanger(Amsterdam), and in the next months he'll exhibit at the Gallery Soqquadro(Rome)and at "La Cueva" (Milan). He participates in mail art projects/shows and collaborates with various labels/bands of industrial, noise, metal, and punk music. Look for his work in forthcoming zines and books from the underground.

D.M. James

D.M. James has published essays, poetry and short stories in a number of print and electronic media, including, Masters of Terror, The Earwig Flesh Factory, Delirium and Midnight Gallery.

Paul Kane

Paul Kane was born in Chesterfield, UK, in 1973. A classically-trained artist and photographer, he began his professional writing career providing articles and reviews for news-stand magazines in 1996 - after gaining a BA (Hons) in History of Art, Design and Film from Sheffield Hallam University. Since taking up fiction in 1998, he has had pieces published in magazines like Planet Prozak, The Dream Zone, Dead Things, Sci-Fright, Enigmatic Tales, Penny Dreadful and Hidden Corners. His first collection Alone (In the Dark) was published in 2001 and his work has recently featured in anthologies alongside writers such as Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Tim Lebbon, Brian Stableford, Steve Rasnic Tem and Simon Clark. He is currently also serving as co-editor, columnist, reviewer and interviewer for Terror Tales Online (, and his own website, Shadow Writer, can be found here:

Dave Lipscomb

A native Rhode Islander, Dave Lipscomb is a recovering East Coaster currently residing in Southern California. A graduate of some tiny community art college somewhere in New Haven, his first written work appeared in an issue of the legendary New Haven underground 'zine Vicarious Thrill in the late 80's. His international art debut appeared in a '93 issue of the British goth 'zine Roisin Dubh. He has also created many works on commission and collaborated on many super-obscure self-published comic books. When not doing time as a wage slave for Der Ubermaus, Dave spends his time drawing, writing, and playing bass guitar.

Efrem Emerson

Efrem Emerson is a Sna Diego writer, artist, musician, and used bookstore owner. He shoots pool left-handed and (currently) takes no psychotropic medication.

Paolo Honorificus

The author is alive. (Sometimes I wonder.) He lives alone inside a mind threatening to cave in on itself. A daydream junkie, improbable fantasies are his stalk in trade; like imagining finding a publisher who will pay for his work. He is most profound when profoundly asleep. Nothing gets finished. The author may be lazy. Two things he says most often to himself: "Did I write that?" or "Where could I have stolen that from!"

Karl Franklin

I've lived in California, Kansas, Germany, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia and just recently moved to New Mexico, where I am happy to say that I now devote all of my time to painting, so you see, dreams can come true. Never say die, if it feels right inside, it is right.

I'm completely self-taught; I've never taken a painting lesson or even stepped foot inside of an art gallery or museum before I began painting. My paintings have been described as Social Surrealism, Catalytic Surrealism and Abstrusive Conceptualism, although I hesitate putting a label on my work. All feedback is appreciated and will be answered.

Scott C. Carr

Scott C. Carr is the Chief Editor of the critically acclaimed online Apocalypse Fiction Magazine ( as well as the newly conceived sub-e-zine Weird Space.

Scott's fiction has recently appeared in such publications as The Dream People, Pulp Eternity, Pegasus Fiction, EOTU E-zine, Cherry Bleeds, The MUFON Journal and The Kovacs Files.

He is hard as work putting the finishing touches on his novel, "Until the Stars Grow Dark."