Publishing Guidelines for
The Dream People

Future issues will be edited by D. Harlan Wilson

D. Harlan Wilson, the godfather of North American irrealism, will be editing all future issues of The Dream People. Send submissions to with "DREAM PEOPLE SUBMISSION" in the subject line. Material should be attached in either PDF or Word .doc formats. He will announce the new publishing schedule shortly.

General guidelines

What we are looking for: poetry and short fiction that cares little for the sensibilities of convention. If you would describe your work as absurd, surreal, experimental, beyond description or—better yet—something that a major publisher would be afraid to publish, then we are interested. We aim to be the hub for the uncompromisingly unusual, the intriguingly offbeat, the absolutely rare.

We are seeking fiction of 100 to 3,000 words; longer works may be considered. Keep in mind that we will only consider two works per author at a time. For poetry you may send up to five poems at a time, any length. Simultaneous submissions are fine; reprints will be considered so long as you retain all rights at the time you contact us. Include a brief author bio with your work. New authors will be given the same consideration as established writers.

If you have works of another format not listed above—plays, interviews, essays, audio files, movies, serials, or anything else—please contact us. We are always interseted in seeing something different!

Artists: we are looking for artwork which will enhance the unreal atmosphere of our publication. Photographs/photo manipulations, paintings, sketches, sculptures, all will be considered. Stand-alone cartoons are especially needed. We do prefer electronic submissions for artwork but if this is an impossibility we can scan the artwork/slides ourselves. PLEASE SEND ALL ART SUBMISSIONS TO:

The Dream People will publish on the internet six times a year. We are a not-for-profit venture and as such can offer no payment. We can offer links to your existing website and exposure alongside some of the most creative minds operating in fringe literature. Issues will be archived for at least one year. If you want your work removed from our site at any point during the year just let us know.

If you are still unsure as to what The Dream People will publish check out our current issue to see what we're interested in.

We at The Dream People look forward to reading all of the great material from those working at literature’s mysterious boundaries and thank you in advance for your contributions.

—John Edward Lawson, Editor-in Chief