The Dream People is an online literary journal run in association with Eraserhead Press. For those who despair in the current publishing establishment we offer an alternative. Ours is a mirage brought on by the thirst for a fresh approach, a slip inside the cracks between what we are told is acceptable, a new reality which cannot be defined. We hope to provide both authors and readers alike with an oasis in these cultural deserts which surround us. Join us for a dance through the palatial ruins of conformity and discover for yourself that its pillars support nothing at all.

John Edward Lawson
Editor in Chief

John lives in suburban Maryland out of sheer spite. He has been a winner of the Fiction International Emerging Writers competition in addition to being nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is the author of Sin Conductor (forthcoming from Two Backed Books), Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades, Last Burn in Hell, and the poetry collections The Horrible and The Scars Are Complimentary. Other editorial projects of his include the anthologies Tempting Disaster, Sick, Of Flesh and Hunger, and The Wicked Will Laugh.

Jennifer Barnes
Assistant Editor & Web Master

Jennifer graduated from the University of Maryland with an English degree and a concentration in Poetry/Creative Writing. Not only has she has had numerous poems and articles published both in print and online, but she also is co-author of the e-book Skin for the Bloodless. Most recently her work was published in The Greatest Chapbook Ever, A Little Poetry, Ascent, and sidereality. Jennifer was a columnist for The Melodia, a music newspaper, as well as a regular contributor to many music publications. She not only covered the music scene but was also a part of it as singer, lyricist, and guitarist for the band Dead Letter Office. By day she is a graphic designer with over seven years of web and print design experience. Her recent editorial projects include The Best of the Dream People Poets, Hell on the Installment Plan, and Unknown Pleasures.


Dustin LaValley
Interview Editor

Dustin LaValley lives in Upstate NY. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in numerous electronic and print publications. A collection of short fiction is due out this fall by Naked Snake Press. Besides writing, Dustin is a mixed martial artist, studying the art forms of Shinto Ryu, Ju Jutsu, and Kobudo. He believes Joe R. Lansdale is God, loves sociology, and psychology. More information can be found at and

Gary West
Reviews Editor
A native Coloradoan, Gary now resides in Las Vegas with his partner, Barbara, and their two rambunctious cats. Over fifty of pieces of his poetry and fiction have appeared, or are forthcoming, in anthologies and zines, both in print and online. At the moment he works in warehousing, but is returning to school in the
fall in order to enter the medical field. Find out how to get him to review your material.

Elizabeth Peake
Born in the heat of the Arizona desert, Elizabeth Peake is keenly aware of what hell is. In 1993, she decided to move her family to Minnesota, where hell goes by a different name. She has written numerous short stories and they have appeared or will appear in various webzines and print magazines, including,, The Fear Within anthology, Femmes de la Brume anthology and Scary! Holiday Stories to Make You Scream anthology. She currently resides in Louisville Kentucky with her husband and three kids. Her web presence is, and she is currently working on The Darkest Hour, a full-length novel based on her short story, The Holler.

Cake Earthhead
Reviewer & Postal Poet

Little is known about this literary madman from the Eastern Shore, except that he is a literary madman from the Eastern Shore. His work has terrorized The Dodsley Pages, The New Absurdist, and and the anthologies edited by Nancy Jackson, including Dream the Dark Masjestic, Goremet Food, and Trip the Light Horrific.