Dexter Danger- "Forever Broken"
I got the new album early; I was very excited and rightfully so. While some may be critical about the re-release of some of their older songs, they carry new life with the new guitarist Miguel Ceja. With his addition, the set is complete. Each song gains new fullness and power. The re-releases are well worth hearing. I'd like to shine the spotlight on the 2 previously unheard songs The Angel That Got Away and Crimson Pools. The Angel That Got Away is a deep heartfelt cry to a loved one who has left and no one can do this better than Dexter Danger. This acoustic ballad strikes the heart with an uprising melody to contradict the sad lyrics, a feat few can do while still keeping the thought intact. Aymen Trouble's haunting voice does just the trick to make a true beauty of a song. Crimson Pools is a confusion of feelings that comes with a torrid breakup. With a hook that grabs your attention and doesn't let go, this is one song that truly shows Dexter Danger's growth as musicians.
Dexter Danger is one of the few bands that have escaped the pitfall of an album, redundancy. With many bands/albums the songs seem to fall together, blurring. This is not the case with Forever Broken. Each song stands alone in its own epic. Each song has its own personality and is unlike any other.
This is an album everyone needs to hear. If you're already a fan, it will make you love Dexter Danger all the more, if not, you will be. So go buy it!!! This is Aiden Dire saying goodbye, much love and PUNK ROCK FOREVER!
This review was brought to you by our special friend Aiden.