STORMWIND is a Swedish band formed around guitarist THOMAS WOLF, and they have released a lot of CDs so far, with 'Legacy' being their most recent release. The band is playing Neo-Classical Melodic Metal in a typical Swedish tradition, MALMSTEEN and EUROPE are clear comparisons. I did a short interview with Thomas...

First of all, congratulations for the release of your new double CD!
Thank you! Im very pleased about the positive press reactions on Legacy!

Please tell us all about your 'new' CD...
The new Stormwind album `LEGACY´is a longlasting dreamrelease´like a `kinder egg´! (he, he) The documentary shows the progression of the band and the Live CD from `Sweden Rock Festival´with the Bonus disc of 9 songs is quite unique. I was also very careful with the sound this time get the best live sound.
The release is , so Im very pleased!

Back to the past, when did you actually start playing music?
I got my first guitar 11 years old but my first´` serious´band was in 1982 . I got about 4 different bands during these years before I left the music and came back to the musicscene 1994 and formed Stormwind. I never went to a musicschool during that time and spend much time competing in karate. The guitar hang on the wall for 10 years ...So finally I took the decision to get in the bussiness again.

You started STORMWIND 10 years ago, can you tell us about the early period?
The first 2 albums was more or less soloprojekt albums with different musicians but it was really imported for me to try out these things as classical opus, straight melodic hard rock etc with different musicians. I tried out 2 female vocalists but in 1998 was I convinced to form a stabil line-up with the best musicians I could get here in Sweden with Thomas Vikström on lead vocal.

Through the years you built up a reputation and kept on playing classic 80s melodic metal, which musicians/bands influenced you?
I think Queen and Rainbow are my main influences but I really like new bands as Angra,Symphony X...

What do you consider your best work so far?
Rising Symphony from 2003! I got everything right that time with both production and songs..! Check it out!

The new CD is a sort of compilation of live and old bonustracks, are you already working on something new, if so please tell us about the songs? And if/when we can expect a new studio-CD?
I have been working with Film and TV music for Scandinavian Publishing so this year is the first `Stormwind break´for 10 years..!We will see in the future...with another chapter behind us!

How does the future look like for STORMWIND? Touring plans? More CDs?
I have decided that this year will Stormwind take a break from ..Tours,Interviews and 2005 will we get together again for new adventures.Otherwise will I continue my work with TV-Music.

Thanks for answering the questions, anything to add for yourself?
Thanks for all support during these years!