In 1992 ROX DIAMOND released one of those perfect AOR CDs, but sadly it never got much attention, but happily the recent re-release through Z RECORDS gave the band a new push and therefore I did an interview with the band...

Please tell us all about your band ROX DIAMOND? (when/where formed, bands before ROX DIAMOND...)

The band 1st formed in 1986 as Casanova. It was myself, Kevin, and Rick and a different drummer back then. We played the local clubs as "Casanova" up until after we got our record deal w/ Funhouse Records. The album was actually recorded and done when we found out there was a "Casanova" in Germany signed to EMI Records. We basically were forced to change our name literally overnight...trademark it...and go on* Rox Diamond was the previous band that Rick Falco was in..(which had broken up)..He was still friends w/ the singer so he called him to see if we could take the name. Everything went from there.

Back in 1992 when you released your fantastic debut, how on earth didn't it became big, porbably the Grunge hype?

The year 1992 was a great year and a terrible year not only for us but tons of other bands just starting to make a "dent" in the business...In came Nirvana, Pearl Jam and those bands, and out went Winger, Whitesnake, and the other bands like that..including us, even though we had barely scratched the surface. It was frustrating.

Please tell us all about your classic debut CD?

The 1st CD released in 1991 was followed by a quick jaunt to Japan in support of it...We were flying high, thought we in for a "long-haul"...but shortly after returning from Japan, our manager passed away suddenly, and everything seemed to happen all at once. The music business was changing and I lost my "zest" for the business. We would have had to change our style completely to "fit" in w/ the new genre, and I didn't want to do that. Everyone involved worked really hard on the 1st album, and we were very excited about the entire thing..the re-issue / and re-master of the 1st CD sounds about 15 to 20% better than the original release because of technology and just by making everything in the mix more "upfront"..The guys and I are very grateful to Mark Alger and the staff at Z Records.

What happened after the 1992 release...

As I mentioned earlier, it was just unlucky timing. After several years of planning and dreaming and rehearsing, and then finally getting a chance to see our band "happen" was gone. It's all about "timing". The guys and I broke up, went our separate ways, although always still the best of friends. We had started families, and took a different direction w/ our lives, but always thinking in the back of our minds that one day, we "might" do it again at some level.

Did you do anything musically between 1992 and 2003?

Between 1992 and 2003 I really didn't do much musically...I sang on some studio projects, continued to write and record songs and demos w/ friends. Nothing serious though.

How did you got in touch with Z RECORDS?

Mark Alger at Z Records contacted me via email and it just went from there. After a few phone calls and numerous emails back and forth, the wheels were in motion!! It came about because Nicky at Metal World News ( ) had followed the band over the years, and 1 email lead to another. It was a very exciting thing to have the opportunity to not only re-release the 1st CD but also to do a new album.

Are you satisfied with the new re-issue?

Mark and the crew at "Z" did an awesome job on the re-master!! I honestly didn't know what to expect, because before I had heard the re-master, I was getting reviews from other people and critics / journalists in Europe telling me how great it sounded..They were right! It sounds really, really, good. Hats off to Mark!!

Looking back, don't you think you had a much bigger chance on huge success if this album had been released in 1986 when AOR/Melodic Rock was the musicstyle that ruled the airwaves...

If I had a dollar everytime someone asked me that question, I would be living in Malibu on the beach!! Yeah, we came along too late! Although the band was playing during those AOR days...we never got our "break" until 1990...after a year of recording and negotiations, etc...and by the time the record came out, it was the "end" of 1991...The business had started it's "change". I'm told constantly that if we could have or "would" have hit 3 to 5 years sooner, it would be a totally different story now....but.....things happen for a reason!!!!

So, what are the plans for the coming months? A new CD? Did you write any new songs? If so, tell us about them, same style as on the CD?

We actually are just a few weeks away from cutting the basic tracks for the new record...We will be recording over the months of March through June, give or take. Alot of older material (re-vamped), but also some new songs w/ a different side of us. People that are familiar w/ the band will still be pleased w/ our material, but I think there are some songs on this one, that will surprise people. This band has alot of versatility, lots of influences, and such, so it's a chance for some other "flavors" to come out. I'm anxious to have people hear it, and get their feedback.Thanks to everyone who supports Rox Diamond!