A few years ago FINAL FRONTIER released their classic debut and recently they followed it up with another great pure AOR release, combining the 80s Melodic Rocksound with big STYX meets DEF LEPPARD orientated harmonyvocals, catchy and very hooky. I had an interview with bandleader ROM MORATTI...

Please introduce us your band FINAL FRONTIER?

My name is Rob Moratti the lead singer of Final Frontier and I will be introducing the band to you:

Mladen Haze is on guitars and keyboards.
Lawrence Falcomer is on lead guitars.
Piero Greco is on bass.
Graham Fillier is on drums.

Did any of you play in bands before/besides FINAL FRONTIER, I believe VON GROOVE?

Yes we did. I Rob Moratti was with a band named MORATTI for 4 years and released 2 CD's in Europe and in Japan. Mladen Haze has a great history with VON GROOVE with a countless amount of CD's released all over.

Please tell us all about your first CD 'The first wave'

'The first wave' was just the beginning of what Mladen and I have created. As we were writing the 1st CD it was an experimental journey because we knew what we wanted but we weren't sure how it was going to sound when completed. The result for us was overwhelming and still is.

You've just released the new CD 'The second wave', please tell us all about it...

'The second wave' is a continuation of the formula (classic AOR) and now the 2nd CD sounds brighter than the first and songs are even stronger because we remain focused and it's not an experiment this time around. We have a stronger confidence on the album that really comes through in the songs. Bottom line is, we had taken what we started on the first album and made it better on the second album.

Are there any stories behind the songs on your new CD?

I think that Mladen and I can personally relate to all the songs we have in one way or another but as for the title tracks like Lydia and Sherry, these names were chosen because they really have a good ring with the melodies.

You play Classic 80s AOR, where is/who are your market/audience these days?

The market audience seems to be almost everywhere but North America. Europe and Japan is definitely home for FINAL FRONTIER.

Which bands influenced you?

Bands like Journey, Styx, Boston, Foreigner, Survivor and Starship are a big influence to Mladen and I.

How does the future look like for FINAL FRONTIER? What can we expect, Touring plans? More CDs?

It's hard to tell what the future may bring especially in this business but I will tell you this, we're not leaving anytime soon and you can expect another FINAL FRONTIER album. Mladen and I will start writing in the beginning of March for the third CD.

Thanks for answering the questions, anything to add for yourself?

To all the fans of CLASSIC AOR and FINAL FRONTIER, we will continue to deliver! Thank you for all your support.