SNReview Winter 2006 ISSN: 1527-344X Volume 7 Issue 4

Apogee by Martin Brick
A train is heading west at 70 miles per hour. It departed at 10:35 a.m. In the smoking car, among others, sit Willie and a man who smokes with unnatural curiosity and attentiveness...
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The Double by Nels Hanson
I was dead. I lay on the cold pebbles. The water flowed over me. With drowned eyes I saw the stars flicker like wet candles past the dark surface of the creek.
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When They Yell Wyoming by Aaron Hellem
Her boyfriend was a warrior, but he was in jail down in Cheyenne. I was the only one she knew who had a car and I told her I'd drive her down there to bail...
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Empty Bottles By Lily Hoang
He thinks to himself, If I were to commit suicide, it wouldn't be by drowning. He finds it difficult to breathe...
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Run by Paul Kavanagh
Who farted upon me? Impugned Satogata....It wasn’t me, stated Smith with his arse up close to Satogata’s countenance....The incivility was one thing, the opprobrium another thing, but to wake in a cloud of reeking dead fish was unconjecturable....
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The Revolution to Save Beatrice by Letitia Moffitt
Beatrice seems to think I’m Holly Golightly. I don’t know where she could have gotten such an idea; I guess to any sheltered Chinese girl who grew up in the sanitized suburbs of Marin County, a 27-year-old...
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Old Wharf, a Poem by Jeff Lockwood

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Six Poems by Angela Lungu

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Two Poems by Amber May.

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Three Poems by Michelle McGrane

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Life on Mars by Joseph Conlin
Mars fascinated me as a child. I presumed that a planet so similar to Earth—in shape and proximity to the Sun—had life. I was not unlike so many people of the early Sixties. Only the Soviet Union had...
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The Art of Smiling by Matt Smith
Smiling...has proven to be the most reliable evidence of the social utility of nonverbal expression. A smile rarely crosses our lips unless we are interacting with others. As such, it is almost purely a form...
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