Subject: for your SNR Bookstore
From: "Laura Stamps"
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 14:47:47 -0000

Hi, Joseph--
Here's info and a color photo of my new poetry book for your bookstore.  Thanks!  The bookstore is a great idea.
all the best,
Laura Stamps
New Poetry Book!
(published by Artemesia Publishing, 112 pages, $12.95, 2005, ISBN:1-932926-13-5)
Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, this beautiful book by award-winning poet and novelist Laura Stamps contains a collection of 59 new poems sure to delight any cat-lover.  Written for readers of all faiths, THE YEAR OF THE CAT is the perfect gift for cat owners and anyone who has ever been blessed by housecats or strays. 
TO ORDER: Make $12.95 check or money order payable to LAURA STAMPS.  If you live in South Carolina, please add sales tax.  (Free shipping in the U.S.).  You can also order this book from
MAIL TO: Laura Stamps, Kittyfeather Press, P.O. Box 212534, Columbia, SC 29221-2534
Laura Stamps is an award-winning poet and novelist.  Over six hundred of her poems, short stories, and poetry book reviews have appeared in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and broadsides. She is the author of more than twenty-five books of poetry and prose.  More information about books by Laura Stamps can be found at  For a free catalog of poetry books and novels by Laura Stamps email