Subject: Book info request
From: "Tom Sheehan"
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 09:43:27 -0400

Dear Joseph,
Thanks for the comforting news that I am not entirely disabled yet, at least on this machine.
The two mysteries from Publish America are on Amazon.
I will provide here other info as requested.
I hope it satisfies the needs.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Tom Sheehan
Death for the Phantom Receiver: (order from Amazon)
The New England Phantoms are the new NFL team in Boston, and dark and lonely death suddenly stalks its receiver corps. When a highly gifted receiver is drafted out of a Florida college, we find, all the way back to high school, that any receiver ever slated to play ahead of him had an unsure future. Strange calls come in the night, strange but age-old lures are put into action, and death comes in a variety of ways to team wideouts, youngsters or veterans alike. The team owner enlists the help of former BPD detective Harry Krisman and defrocked judge Kell Thorne, a private detective duo. They’ve teamed up for justice in several escapades, the first being Vigilantes East.
Vigilantes East: (order from Amazon)
When their young daughters become lost or missing, sleep in alleys or strange beds, fall into the clutches of evil men, eventually survive merely as the matter of statistics, some fathers curse, flail at nothing, vent their anger in useless outbursts. But here in Vigilantes East one father, saddened and angry at his loss, organizes, recruits, strikes back at the forces of evil that lay in wait for too many of these young girls, including his own daughter. Pimps, drug dealers and pushers, slave camp czars, organized criminals and crooked cops, suddenly are targets of a new force, a force built on anger and vengeance.
A Collection of Friends: (order from Pocol Press)

Here stories and poems are paeans to family and friends, past and present, drawing the reader in, in an almost subversive way, becoming an intimate, engaged immediately and caring deeply about the people and places met and encountered. Here's a book that gives a place to the weak, the silent and the forgotten. Literature damn well better give them all a shot, for frailty is ours without a doubt and will ever be with us. All heroes are vulnerable, or they are Supermen. Remembered are comrades from Korea, alive or dead, and the frailest imaginable soldier of all, frightened and glassy-eyed and knowing he is hapless, one foot onto the soil at D-Day, going down, but not to be forgotten, not here.


This Rare Earth & Other Flights: (order from Lit Pot Press)

It is a library of a book, harboring countless lives. The poems soar into four parts, each emphasizing one field in the poet's exploration of existence and its layers of delight and grief. These four parts are “In the Hearth and Self,” “In the universe,” “In the Confrontation,” and “The Air Around Me.” There’s no faking in the singing of life in spite of death's relentless intrusions, nothing artificial, and everything comes out truer, through doors in our hearts we too often forget to leave open.


The Westering: (order from Wind River Press)

Tom Sheehan traverses youth, old age, and the ocean in between in The Westering, the third release in Wind River Press’ chapbook series. He says of his grandfather John Igoe, in the poem "The Weeder," ...When he looks at me, it’s never/ sidelong or indirect, he speaks not of weather,/never asks what hour it is. He hears the lonely/loon, the frog bloating, the sun hiss.