Subject: Re: Put Your Work in SNR's Bookstore
From: "Birgit Nielsen"
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 19:03:14 -0700

Hope the download doesn't drive you or the server crazy.

here it goes:

"Steeped In the World of Tea" (Interlink, 2004) is available at your local
bookstore, or from or

"Our Truths-Nuestras Verdades" is a print and online zine, available at
select independent bookstores and women's healthcare centers. Inquire at

"Raising Our Voices: Oregon Poets Against the War" was compiled from entries
submitted to Sam Hamill's "Poets Against the War" anthology. OPAW was
available from in 2003/2004 but seems to be
unavailable in 2005.


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From: "Joseph Conlin" <>

We are starting a new section in SNReview called SNR's Bookstore. It's
not SNR's bookstore. It's yours. Please send an image (jpg., gif, or
tif) of your book or chapbook's cover along with a link to where our
viewers can purchase a copy. The publication will then host it in the
bookstore--at no cost to you, your publisher, or your book seller.

Obviously if too few writers respond, we will not open the store.

Enjoy the summer.

Joseph Conlin
Editor, SNReview (