Subject: RE: Put Your Work on the Shelves of SNR's Bookstore
From: "gervace"
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:49:54 -0600

hi Joseph,
Can you link to Binge Press and Productions for me. The cover photo of my
book, bite marks visible, appears on the link.
Great idea!
Thanks Nicole Gervace

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Subject: Put Your Work on the Shelves of SNR's Bookstore

We are starting a new section in SNReview called SNR's Bookstore. It's
not SNR's bookstore. It's yours. Please send an image (jpg., gif, or
tif) of your book or chapbook's cover along with a link to where our
viewers can purchase a copy. The publication will then host it in the
bookstore--at no cost to you, your publisher, or your book seller.

Obviously if too few writers respond, we will not open the store.

Enjoy the summer.

Joseph Conlin
Editor, SNReview (