The following books were written by authors whose works have appeared in SNReview during the past several years. Purchase a book and support writers. The proceeds go to the authors and their publishers, not SNReview.

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Light Under Skin
by Amanda Auchter

Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was not Fulfilled by Ace Boggess

Displaced Hours by Ace Boggess

Beautiful Ambivalence by Ace Boggess

Wild Sweet Notes II: More Great
Poetry from West
by Ace Boggess

The Skeleton's Closet by Eric Bonholtzer

Wrymes by Gerald Bosacker ($11.95)
The Wit & Wisdom of Dr. Wryme by Gerald Bosacker ($10.99).
Order from ESP, P.O. Box 1813, Whitefish, Montana (406) 862-9802 or email bosacker@aol.com.

Felt Along the Blood by Harry Brown

William Maxwell: A Literary Life by Barbara Buckhardt

Truth or Bare
by Richard Cahill

solitary, poor, nasty,
brutish and short
by Edward Carvalho

And other works
by Edward Carvalho

The works of Andrew Coburn

The History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin’s Theory by Kenny Fries

Other works by Kenny Fries

Bite Marks Visible by Nicole Gervace ($8.00; Order from Binge Press and Productions, 14A Preble Street, Dover, New Hampshire 03820)

Claptrap by Stephen Gyllenhaal.

Bones by Margaret Karmazin

by Vanessa Kittle

Surviving the Days of the Empire
by Vanessa Kittle

The Cutting Room
a Novel by Laurence Klavan

a Play by Laurence Klavan

Freud's House
a Play by Laurence Klavan

Show Must Go On – Seeing Somone – If Walls Could Talk
Plays by Laurence Klavan

Gorgo's Mother
a Play by Laurence Klavan

The Shooting Script
a Novel by Laurence Klavan

Photo, Bomb, Red Chair by Barbara F. Lefcowitz

The Blue Train to American

Poetry by Barbara Lefcowitz

At Park and East Division
by Robert Lietz

The Lindberg Half-Century
by Robert Lietz

by Robert Lietz


Evin Corn by Adrian C. Louis

Skins by Adrian C. Louis

Cornbread Voodoo
by William McCarter

Everyman in Europe: Essays
in Social History

Edited by Kevin McAleer,
Allan Mitchell and Istvan

Zwei Amerikaner
im deutschen Exil
by Kevin McAleer
and Adam Blauhut

Surferboy by Kevin McAleer

Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany by Kevin McAleer

The Book of Love by Jeanne Mackin

Dreams of Empire by Jeanne Mackin

Sweet By and By
by Jeanne Mackin

The Cornell Book of Herbs and Edible Flowers

by Jeanne Mackin

Talk: A Novel in Dialogue

by Corey Mesler

Dark on Purpose

by Corey Mesler

Chin-Chin in Eden by Corey Mesler



 More than Shelter
by Ann E. Michael

The Minor Fauna
by Ann E. Michael

Small Things Rise and Go by Ann E. Michael


Steeped in the World of Tea
edited by Sharon Bard, Brigit Nielsen, and Clara Rosemarda

Raising Our Voices: An Anthology of Oregon Poets Against the War
Poems by Birgit Nielsen included.

Ordering: A Season in My Garden by Kenneth Pobo

Introductions by Kenneth Pobo

The Ballonist
by Stephen Poleskie

Waking Walt by Larry Pontius

Lyrics of Life in Four-Part Harmony by Larry Pontius

The Last Time by Charles Ries

Odd by Charles Ries

Monje Malo Speaks English
by Charles Ries

The Fathers We Find by Charles Ries

An Improved Device by Alan Semerdjian

Death for the Phantom Receiver by Thomas F. Sheehan

Vigilantes East by Thomas F. Sheehan

This Rare Earth
by Thomas Sheehan

A Collection of Friends
by Thomas F. Sheehan

The Westering
by Thomas F. Sheehan

Epic Cures by




A Voice for My Grandmother by Ron Singer

The Year of the Cat: New Poems
by Laura Stamps

A Necessary Evil
by Robert Stricklin

give a poor man a good and watch him starve by John Sweet

Buffalo Dance by Frank X Walker

Black Box by Frank X Walker

Affrilachia poems by Frank X Walker

Breakfast at Noon
by Robert W. Witt

Labor Day Weekend: A Day of Cold Business
by Robert W. Witt

Gilford Offering by Kelley Jean White

Living in the Heart by Kelley Jean White

Under a River Bed by Christopher Woods

By the Time You
Finish this Novel
You Could Be Dead

by Alan Zimmerman