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There are hallways and doors
large windows like a beach house
I am asking why too much
I need slippers dresses robes
coats shoes more
I'm unsatisfied
why don't you say I love you enough?
why don't you love me enough?
why do you love me at all?
I am holding onto myself tightly
barely knowing
who I am
the cupboards are a mess of
mix matched cups.
I am trying to cook dinner
without plates or silverware
I am trying to change
everything at once
and it's not working
I am not working.
shelve upon shelve of broken clocks

Vernon County Main

Last the carnival swings soar
the open mouth of the valley
past gone flooded streets
blue heeled pups
in veterinarian boxes
butter princesses
of corn husk dress
apple apple everything
local boys with plastic guns
the long day of babies
and chicken yellow tents
Families break down
for the last taste of
before the rain
grandma's fishing pond
closes to little fisher men
the popcorn lights go down
disappearing is the parade
beyond a littered road
past the orchards
and dirt paved lots


Stop through town on your way to the next whirlworld. Bring your books and look me in the eyes. Putting on a dress is the simplest
act and also the most effective. Yes, I did dress up for you. How can it be helped- The things we do for other people. It's windy when
you come through, dust flickering in our faces. Small towns you are. Bosnian church you are. Cruel friendship it just so happens. I
can taste the ice cream when you are beside me. We can write letters after. Novelty clouds. Cinematic you. An hour, two hours,
never enough for someone like me. But it's always perfect although. We part, never untouched, embracing each other's thoughts of
each other. A lovely, stuttering song.

Copyright 2008, Jessica Baer. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

Jessica Baer received her BA in creative writing from Beloit College in 2005. She lives in Chicago and is the development director of Cooperative Image Group, a non-profit interdisciplinary arts education and social entrepreneurship program. She also facilitates writing workshops for Asian youth through YAWP! Young Asians With Power!. SNReview is the first to publish her work.