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Frocks of White Robes

A band of adolescence descendants
Assemble around the baptismal pool
Draped in white robes

Like lambs/submissive and timid
Parents and elders

 A Gang of babes
 One by one
 Step down into the watery tank

Opalescent-clad shepherd of God
Greet's them with open arms
As each child

Is submerged in holy water
Purified sins not yet satisfied
Are washed away

Wet pearly gowns
Carry the burdens
Of denied trespasses

Anointed innocence
Ceremonial rites
Frocks of white robes/resemble angels

2646 West Grand Avenue

2646 West Grand Avenue
Between Linwood and Lawton
Sizzling, smothering hot summer days/upstairs

In a three-family flat
Fan blowing in search of a breeze
Laughter hangs in the air

Sweaty sun-baked kids
Race through a cool spray of water
Showers from a candy red fire hydrant

Times were different/simple/playful/innocent
Chalked covered sidewalks
Marked games of hopscotch

Girls played with dolls on the front porch
Boys shoot marbles across the pavement
Mr. Softy and the Good Humor Truck serenade down the street

Selling soft vanilla custard
Chocolate cover ice-cream bars
Summer's sweet treats

Block club parties
Vacant lot/soft ball games
Next door to The House of Joy Beauty Salon

Armed with bats and gloves
Neighborhood boys and girls
Gathered/selected teams

Hub caps/cardboard boxes
Sand lot bases
Games were intense

Childhood was full of exhilaration and gaiety
As they frolicked
On Urban streets.


Suspended by fear
She hangs in limbo
Living on a thread

Green are the apples
Sour to taste

Faces out of focus

Champagne on ice
Beer flat

Dog dead
Cat dead

Madonna grows weak both are weary
Living on a thread
Suspended by fear

Sharon Wallace, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She has published poetry in Maxis Review, Peeling Vidalias 15 Women And One Man, howling wolf # 11, and Pitkin Review.  Sharon received her B.A. in English from Marygrove College, and holds a M.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in English, University of Detroit Mercy.  Teaches composition at Baker College and Wayne County Community where she is an Adjunct. She will complete an M.F.A in Creative Writing, Goddard College next July.

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