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Biography of Harry

Harry measures his height against a wall
and draws a line with a pencil
once a week.
The line is always in the same spot
and the wall often says,
Grow up, man.
In bed, his wife clicks her tongue,
which means that she has seen the marks
and wants them to be erased.
In time, he says to her click,
but not while there?s still hope
of growing beyond you.

Everyone I Know

The waiting room becomes impatient
for Monday morning?s oncology appointment
and curses at the soap opera star on the television.
Nothing in the office has hair
or doors
or windows
or chairs.
A pizza place has no cheese,
but it brings sauce.
A mailbox runs to the toilet
to vomit envelopes.
A street sign has forgotten its way home
and asks to call a sister upstate
but can?t remember the phone number.
It asks for a menu,
but the sister?s name is unlisted anyway.
A telephone pole walks with a cane
and wires fall off.
The receptionist hands the doctor
the file of a file folder
with a tumor on the fold.
She says, what do you want for lunch?
And he says, I have leftovers from last night.

John Lennon's Toenails


John Lennon had to cut his toenails,
but maybe Yoko did it for him
while in white pajamas.
A cigarette hanging from her lips?


A rumor
in a bar,
2 am in Watchung.
Lennon lets his toenails grow really long
and he uses them as picks, man.
No joke.


Bill's feet hurt so he wears flip-flops
while pumping gas in November.
He still has two more months
of growth.


Bill trims his nails in his mother's basement.
He breaks a string on his guitar
after getting a small silver sound
that no one upstairs hears.


John Lennon trips over a microphone stand
splitting his big toe?s nail in two.
Later, his sock
gets caught on the blade.
He can be heard saying,
Fuck whenever he walks.


John, I hope you?re not cutting
your nails in bed again.
I hate the little scratches
on my legs.

Mike Imondi is a writer/high school English teacher who lives on Long Island.  He has been published in the NYSEC Newsletter for teachers of English.  
For a while, he had been focusing exclusively on fiction writing, completing a yet to be published novel, but now he has been experimenting with poetry 
and personal essays.  SNReview is his first poetry publication.

Copyright 2005, Mike Imondi. This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.