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Editor's Note



Three Poems

by Mary Beth Asaro

Pieces of Your Life
The sun surrounds you
and fades away
the moon within.
The shadow has ended
and leaves you with pieces,
pieces of your life.
Shattered into fragments,
you pick up puzzles
and try to put back
the pieces,
pieces of your life.
You confront yourself,
fix yourself
to the point of unfamiliar
pieces of your life.
Your ego bruised
by angry thumb tacks
nailing down the pieces,
pieces of your life
as you smile
a regretful sigh.

Vampyric Lust
I lick your tongue
breathing in your wasted
Then I tackle the lips
with a gentle touch
of a sharpened finger-
exposing your expensive
I don’t deny what I am
as I chew on your breast
and cradle your expectations.
I am simply a reflection
of your love
making you yearn
for a jaded taste
of life’s elixir. 

The thing you crave
the most when you’re pumping
up a sweat just to taste
that liquid burn seeping
through your vains
on a hot summer’s day
when a past disfigured
puzzle of a love life
for more money.

Mary Beth Asaro's poetry has been published in The Poet’s Haven, Snow Island Review and The Furnace Review. Her short stories have been published in The Poet's Haven. She grew up in Darlington, South Carolina, graduated from Francis Marion University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English-Liberal Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. As of today, she's working as a temp at a tax agency.

Copyright 2011, Mary Beth Asaro. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.