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Learning to skate

Silent words shuffle into cautious lines
scoring ice with impermanent design.

You and the poem teeter alone
on the pond,          a balancing act -

arms outstretched, your red overcoat
smells of mothballs and smoke,

underneath one thick glove
a cigarette burn chafes.

Untried muscles tremble tied
to second-hand skates, you

enter yourself, settling into something
which cannot be named.

All roots and prayers left ashore,
words in mind gracefully align

with a strange sense of lightness,
nothing to hold.

Cold air from your nose
swirls in your throat – then

you turn, and          more or less
glide, half Degas dancer

striking out toward the centre.
The winter sunshine dazzles you.

A sort of Valentine

It is Valentine's Day.
Bad news all round.

Today, we discover
your transplanted bone marrow
is rejecting your body,

the men in white coats
call it
Graft versus Host,
(as if that's supposed
to mean something.)

There is nothing I can do,
but wait and watch you
battle this out alone,
you are only thirty-two.

Today, there will be
no long-stemmed red roses,

no bottles of champagne.

the man upstairs

the man upstairs
is drunk again

day and night
I hear him
stumbling around
crashing into furniture
cursing his mother
he was ever born
his sixth stay in rehab
was up
last week

twitching carcass
in urine-stained tracksuit
he glares
at death
reaches for another
cold one

I wish he'd do it

Michelle McGrane was born in Zimbabwe and spent her childhood in Malawi. She is a freelance writer, reviewer and poet and the English poetry editor of the on-line South African literary site, LitNet (www.litnet.co.za). Her poetry has been published in local literary journals and internationally in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. She lives in South Africa.

Copyright 2006, Michelle McGrane. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws.
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