It began when the first today became a yesterday
And something else was created;
So frightening, tomorrow.
It lives to never be attained.
It exists as an encourager of procrastination
To those who have drank their half from the glass.
But tomorrow holds promises that can never be broken,
Because the possibilities are always endless.
Tomorrow brings us clichés in the form of words: hope and faith.
And even if it never comes to fruition, there is always tomorrow.
We are futurists because we are humans.
We have no say in the propagation of the cycle of life.
It just is.
We are the wheels upon which the clay is molded-
Creation spinning us into tomorrow.
Tomorrows grant us todays, where only carpe diems can survive.
They give us yesterdays,
Where roots can act as our lifelines to feed us long enough to see more
What more could we ask for, than the future in a word,
An idea that propels us
Into a place that brings maturation to the forefront,
Brings change to the table,
Growth to our systems.
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you! Tomorrow.
You’re only a day away.

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With more than a decade of experience in the arts world, the humanitarian industry, and the civil rights corridor, Teri Weefur uses her writing as a tool to shed light on and put a human face to the issues that move her the most: humanitarian and social justice causes. As a native of Liberia, currently living in the U.S. for the past 15 years, her sense of culture, the arts and the new media merges together to make her a well-rounded, cutting-edge writer. Teri, who is mother to a five-year-old boy, is working on her first novel.

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