I am Man

I am yesterday
And tomorrow
I am the giver of joy
And the deliverer of sorrow
I am the tears of God
And the warmth of his smile
I’m a child’s first step
And life’s last mile
I’m the wingless eagle
And the hawk who cannot see
I’m all that could have been
And all that still may be
I’m the link that is weak
And the chain that is strong
I’m the sound of silence
And the voice of a song
I’m the reaper of love
And the sower of hate
I am my own destiny
And the follower of fate
I’m a single raindrop
And the flood in the pool
I’m a shining genius
And a stumbling fool
I’m the constant cleansing tide
And a footprint in the sand

I am Man

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The Second Million Times

How do you say I love you
The second million times
After you’ve used up all the special looks
Unexpected flowers and quotes from favorite books
I can’t think of any more places to walk alone together
That we haven’t walked along before
And the only way I can surprise you with a visit on the phone
Is to call someday when I know you’re not at home
There isn’t another place on your soft skin
That I can give a loving touch
We covered all of that long ago
When our lips learned every loving kiss
And our passions every loving way to go
Is it possible that love only has a million signs
I guess that’s what I’m trying to say
That, and how’d you like to start over
Like we just met yesterday

The Cost of Growing Up

I never wonder
What happened to the child
I used to be
He simply grew up
And became the man I call me

But what happened
To all the butterflies he used to chase
And all the grassy hills
That used to scratch his back
While he watched elephants and tigers
Float across the sky
In a cotton candy race

What happened
To all those warm winter days
And all those double feature cowboys
Who rode across the popcorn dark
From noon to four on Saturdays

What happened
To all those Tarzans
Who had to promise his mother
They wouldn’t get grass stains on his jeans
And all those white sheet ghosts and goblins
Who ate all that candy
On the day after Halloween

Did they grow up, too
Or did they die
All those elephants
And goblins and butterflies
I know I wanted to be
A grown man someday
But it still seems like a terrible price
For a little boy to pay

Raised in Jackson, Michigan, Larry Pontius attended Michigan State University, graduating with a master's degree in Advertising. Aside from working many years in the advertising field, he also positions as associate professor of advertising at Michigan State University and vice president of marketing for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. He received an Effie Award from the American Marketing Association, an Andy from the Advertising Club of New York, a Clio for international advertising, and Bronze Lions from the Venice and Cannes Film Festivals. In 1978 he was chosen as the Outstanding Alumni of the College of Communication Arts at Michigan State University. He is the author of the award-winning speculative thriller Waking Walt and two privately published books of poetry, Warm Harbor and Other Place to Hide and Buttermilk Sundays. A third book of poetry, Lyrics of Life in Four Part Harmony, will be published by Aventine Press this summer. Larry lives in Central Florida with his wife and is currently working on his second novel, Future King.

Copyright 2005, Larry Pontius. This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.