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The fan oscillated in your place as I drove away from there
after telling you I'd decided to go back to Istanbul.
Had it been turned off, the small town
would have been silent.

I shifted my car into gear. You said Nothing ever changes.
You'd been standing in the middle of the room
holding a petunia. Could you see
the caricature of yourself?
The sun appeared above the corn fields.
I remember how you took a corner, rode your bike, and asked questions.
When you curled your fingers against my coat after your brother died,
I thought if there was one person I would give up everything for it would be you.
I would soon feel like a leaf in a field, laden with ink, straining
to see you from far away. I would sit against a wall
and watch a bucket blow past.

On the way to the airport, I inspected my carry-on items:

Camera: you rotated your tires yourself.
Wallet: you wear a tweed hat.
Toothbrush: you know the word proboscis.
Toothpaste: I wrote a poem that I titled your one syllable name.

Real City I
I thought of what you would say
to or about the rain
& it stopped,
just like that.
I was on the ferry,
I thought of you,
the sun came out.
I looked to my left, then my right,
got under my hood, slouched-
I didn't mean for them to
& I wiped them away
quickly as they came
& let the wind
& sun at my face
I want every instance
back & you here
with the sun
in the morning

I built
a glass castle
in my heart,
filled it
with pebbles,
and sent it
to sea-
I wanted
to be there
with it.
I designed
this house
for my heart-
I couldn't
use nails.
The roof
is warm,
smooth, soft
The soffit
and facia
are kiwi
skin (innards
I built
a home
inside, for,
all around
my heart,
a glass
with minarets
and a moat-
I filled it
ninety percent
full of smooth,
symmetrical pebbles
I collected.

Copyright 2008, Jamie Buehner. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

Jamie Buehner, from Oshkosh, WI, studied writing and literature at Winona State University before moving to the Twin Cities to attend Hamline University's Fine Arts in writing program.  Her poems can be found online at www.washingtonpoets.org and in Talking Stick Vol. 16.