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Before you disappear
into the rabbit hole of age,

Green cat eyes twinkling
as secrets of womanhood
rise steamy
in the wisdom of conversations
shared over tea
in the sacred realm of kitchen.

Before the Night of New Life
comes to rob us of light of your smile,

Toil worn hands guiding
small, eager fingers in the craft
of pen and paper,
slowly forming the spell of words
that would release the magic
lying in wait among the book shelves.

Before Time's thief steals away
the last, familial connection you greedily grasp,

New life wrapped in heirloom splendor
cradled in your arms
as generations of yourself
surround with mews and coos,
the miracle that proves our existence
to all who fail to


Delivery – For Adelaide

Through the dark - Rushing
Dim lights - Guiding
Pushing forward - Quickening
Decreasing distance - Accelerating
Must focus  - Longing

Almost there…

Rushing into the room
That just increased
Its population by one,
Moving with intent
Towards you
You, so new
Sweet, serene child
Fresh from the Creator
What secrets you hold

Eyes wide-open,
Your old soul holds
Gifts of the ancestors
Yet to be shared

In awe we stand,
The magi of your birth,
Humbly recognizing
Our own journey
Through the night of life


What happens once the
Brave knight rescues
The fair Maiden?
Has he lived for
Just one moment in time?

Sure, there are the occasional
Dragons to slay
They are easily dealt with these days.

The Maiden,
If she is shrewd,
Soon grows into
A Wise Woman.

Not content to
Sit beside the hearth
Pining for the knight,

She wanders the castle
Until she finds
The magic door
That releases her
Into the world of
But where does
This leave the knight,
Who has built his

On one moment
Of fame and glory?

Copyright 2007, Linda Rhinehart Neas. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws.
It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

Linda Rhinehart Neas is a writer and poet who lives in the Berkshires. While living in Maine, she had a weekly column in both the York County Coast Star and the York Weekly. Her poetry has been used in various performance pieces including A Celebration of Women at Salve Regina University and, in a choral performance for NELCWIT, an organization for the support of women in transition. She created a persona, The Poetry Lady, to share her love of poetry with students from kindergarten through high school. She is presently finishing her M.Ed. at the University of Massachusetts.  Her first book of poetry, Kitchen Window Pains, is in its final draft.