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A Lonely Tree

In the middle of a field of high yield corns,
stands a solitary oak.  Morose, it mourns
its siblings harvested for oak barn beams,
while it alone survives.  The lone oak dreams
of a grove of descendants, shedding seed,
sterile where chemically tilled of weed-
killers making the fertile former wood land
uniquely corn.  Does this lone survivor stand
as victor,  or only as a token of the past?
For one century this spreading oak cast
cooling shade for explorers, and  pioneers.
Now, in it’s heartwood, fresh new rot appears,
hollowing the trunk that dare not bend
to winds that profane a great tree’s end.

Advertising Truth

The most successful fiction writers are those
that mask the issue of thorns on a rose,
pushing wormy apples, as protein enhanced fruit,
Labeling “descent guaranteed” on a parachute,
assuring us we won’t keep floating in the sky.
When used, you will come down, they did not lie
How euphemistically, I am informed of fact,
in advertising that is camouflaged with tact.
Hyperbole is the ad copy writer’s norm
from soft pedaling to those that over-inform 
Ads for Pharmaceuticals that I must obtain
now  warn of side effects like death and pain,
and these frank admissions legally insulate
them from judgments courts might advocate.

Picking Etiquette

You can pick a wife or a rose,
and then  quite sensibly
the right card, your teeth or new clothes,
a guitar, a friend or your foes,
and often, quite privately
that icky stuff between your toes.
Pick garden weed that stubborn grows
and winning numbers I suppose
or your butt when no one knows
but mothers and teachers agree
it’s never nice to pick your nose.

Copyright 2007, Gerald Bosacker. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws.
It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

Gerald Bosacker, once a prosperous business man and corporate executive, has abandoned all forms of non-altruistic endeavor and now is dedicated to expiating his past crimes to the environment, people's feelings and over-rich customers eager to spend their money for things they really didn't need.  His contrition will be expressed with sensitive poetry and moralistic worldly tales with twisted endings. Go  to http://www.bosackerbooks.com