So It Goes

Every now and then someone falls in love.
As it begins to happen, a door opens,
a body gets brave,
Suddenly it doesn't feel the usual urges
of hunger and thirst.  Sleep deprivation
creates a certain clarity.

Happiness flows from the pores
like a fragrance.
The heart begins floating on air,
lungs can miraculously walk on water,
the groin becomes an engine in overdrive.

As soon as the sun wakes up,
the birds begin to sing
and soon after that, the body in love
moves in fluid motion as soft circles
of lust begin to stir inside of each wet pocket.

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You Are Someone

Who are you to me?
A blessing in disguise,
a little boy with a bright face,
an old man who has learned
how to separate the wheat
from the chaff, joy from
sorrow, as if there were
a difference.  A legend
who leaves psalms by the
side of the road.

You are someone
I can not explain.
Mute, I leave letters
on your doorstep.
A torrent of words
that mean nothing
if you never read them.

Figments of my imagination
across the page.  Filthy sorrows,
love lorn phrases suffocating
in their own grip.

You are someone
that does not require
any of my concern
but I worry about you more
than I worry about myself.
I congest your spirit with good luck.

I bribe God to give you
twenty more angels,
enough to surround you
at all times,
so harm can not get through.

I arrange my happiness
on your health, on your well being.
There is a quiet delirium I endure
when I do not know
where you are.
How faithless I feel when my
world is empty and unsure.

Who are you to me?
Someone that could bury me
with one look, sew my
lips shut with conversation.

Lake Sorrow

She thinks about him
so often she wonders
if she ever has ever
had another thought.

She wants him
so much she wonders
if she has ever
wanted anything as much.

She loves him
so completely she wonders
if she can dig a hole
deep enough to contain her tears,

and if so,
how long will it take to drown
herself in them.

Lisa Zaran, a poet and essayist, has authored four collections: the sometimes girl (InnerCircle Publishing), You Have a Lovely Heart (a chapbook with Little Poem Press), Clipped from Our Days (An online chapbook with Argonauts' Boat), and The Blondes Lay Content (Lulu Press). Her work also has appeared in Alba, Underground Window, John Vick's The Adroitly Placed Word, Carnelian, The Argotist Online, SubtleTea, Juked 2River View, All Things Girl, Dicey Brown, Triplopia, Mannequin Envy, and others.

Copyright 2006, Lisa Zaran. This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws.
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