Truth always prevails

They threatened him with dire consequences,
Ruffians roughed up his loved ones,
Unruly mobs demolished his hard earned office,
Terror squads squashed his passionate followers,
Hoodlums closed down his fledgling newspaper.

Acrid allegations were leveled against him,
Liars conspired to hasten his downfall,
Witnesses were purchased; the jury was bribed,
Accounts were freezed; political games were played.
Yet, he braved on, continuing his unequal struggle,
Suffering unimaginable horrors, he exposed the corrupt system.

Public outcry reached a crescendo,
Revolutions ignited in every nook and corner,
Effigies were burnt; politicians scampered for cover,
Victims valiantly came forward; the system soon crumbled.
A new order emerged; he became a hero,
Intellectuals chartered a vibrant democratic constitution,
Laws were enacted; his dreams became a reality.
Swords and scimitars can never subjugate the mighty pen.

Note: This is an acrostic poem. The first letter of each line forms a word.

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O what a beautiful woman,
her heavenly fragrance enthralled the air.
Ripe salacious curves seduced the men,
one by one,they succumbed to her charms.
At last satisfied,she emitted a loud burp,
wiping her face,the witch walked away.

Sunset shadows fought the approaching dusk,
a lone cuckoo eyed the huddled lovers.
The girl laughed,a thousand flowers bloomed at once,
gentle winds blew,caressing her lustrous tresses.
A twig cracked,a man sweared under his breath,
a knife glittered,he was a serial killer.

The super model strutted her exquisite stuff,
her dishevelled hair,fashioned into a hornet's nest.
Tiny spaghetti straps,supported a grotesque creation,
the women gasped,envying her red pouting lips.
The voyeurs murmured,ecstatic thoughts engulfed their senses,
her dress slipped,revealing her bronzed nude body.

Note :This is Sejo,an ancient form of poetry invented in Korea. A Sejo poem has a defined structure,a musical element and a twist in the end. 

Travels in hell

Thick sloughy forests taunted the eerie moonlight,
Rancid rivers flooded into slimy reeking pits,
Acrid fumes streamed out from mucilaginous black holes,
Violent vibrations shook the fragile godforsaken plateau,
Evil voices bellowed from bald mountains,
Large grotesque images scrawled on treacherous paths,
Shimmering stone circles blinded me with dazzling lights.

I continued my epic journey, braving all odds,
Nature envied my audacity as I conquered the distant summit.

Horrendous sounds, suddenly jarred me to the bone,
Evil talons squashed my tired leaden legs,
Lying on the death door, I heard a voice,
"Lucy, get some antiseptic, this bloody ant bit me"

Note: This is an acrostic poem. The first letter of each line forms a word.

The Mask

I remember your black mottled face,
a face devoid of human intelligence;
your sleepy eyes peeping out like flickering candles,
thick,bulbous lips protruding like blistered coal,
gaudy mismatched clothes hanging around your bloated body,
unkempt smelly hair sticking out like porcupine quills,
a disgusting barbarism oozing out from your prominent veins.

I also remember that terrifying fateful night;
gigantic tongues of fire gobbling up a ruined building,
a frightened child crying,trapped and suffocated by viscous smoke;
you jumped bravely into the circle of Satan's hell,
and rescued the light of my life,my only child.

Tears of repentance flooded my ashamed eyes,
shattering away the mask of delusive superiority;
It was then I saw the real you,
a diamond shining through the murky darkness;
what a wonderful person you are !

Ravi Shankar Rajan has published poems in Subjective Substance, PoetryLifeandTimes, Oracular Tree, Passenger May, WAH, Boheme, Ultimate Halluciantion, Voices Net, Subtle Tea, SNReview, Holy Ignorance, Vermont Ink, and Lilly. His poem, “Mumbai,” won the Lizabeth Poetry Award.

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