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Prices Begin at  $69.00

The diet pills on this page are prescription and non-prescription—your choice.

Text Box: Phentermine is the #1 selling diet pill in the US.

Phentermine or Adipex

Prices Begin at $76.00

Bontril is used in weight loss clinics for rapid weight loss.


Prices Begin at $176.00

Text Box: Diet pills to help you lose weight.


Prices Begin at $15.99

Hydroxycut contains ingredients that support weight loss, increase energy, boost metabolism, and promote thermogenisis.


Price: $19.95

Lose weight naturally from exercise without jittery side-effects.  Try it risk free for 6 weeks.

Slim in 6

Price: $29.99

Trimspa: Amazingly Fast Diet Pill.  A quick and effective way to burn off some excess fat.

Trim Spa

Diet Pills

Slimmer Diets and Fitness

Slim in 6
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