"...such a sassie lad!!" Hugs, Patsy

This is the 1st picture I viewed of "Rudy", when I contacted Purrydaze Persians cattery / Jenni Markey to introduce me to him !
Photo by Jenni Markey in her backyard

Pedigree for RUDY - male/neutered, aver. 10 lbs.
DOB: 10-21-99 in Glendale, Arizona.

Persian cat, one of the oldest & most popular breeds and descended from the Turkish Angora, from Persia - Rudy is bicolor red/white with red mustache/beard (& a red blob on his nose!), big copper eyes, has a snout (non Peke-faced) and small underbite, very pink-skinned(!), declawed (fronts) by previous owner who adopted him at 2 months old and returned him to Purrydaze a year later. "Rudy" means ruddy='red' - Old English name.

Jenni Markey, Breeder (registered: CFA, TICA, ACA, ACFA / mainly UFO)
Purrydaze Persians
P.O. Box 1251
Douglas, Arizona 85608
e-mail: PURRYDAZE@aol.com
web: www.purrydaze.com
Jenni currently serves as director / judge for the UFO cat shows and is in the "Sunset Paradise" region.
www.purrydaze.com/adults.htm (older kittens / adults for adoption)

Arizona Persian & Himalayan Rescue

"I Certify, to the best of my knowledge, the information in this pedigree is correct."

Signed: Jenni Markey
Date: February 21, 2001

Owner: Karen Catalioto of Phoenix, Arizona

Date of adoption: February 21, 2001

Sire: TriH's Sir Lancelot
TriH's Sir Lancelot (red/white) DOB: 1-14-93
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Vallekatz Gen. Colin Powell of TriH (black)
TriH's Sir Lancelot
CH (CFA) Myshadows Baugh Baugh Louie
TriH's Sir Lancelot
GR CH Midas Radabaugh of Mystichill
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Gr Ch. Myshadows Miz Sun
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
CH (CFA) Vallekatz Hocus Pocus
TriH's Sir Lancelot
CH Rodwhits Bonchu of Rambo
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Vallekatz Sakena
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
TriH's Calico Vanna (calico)
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Mas'n'Pa's Blu'n'White Chevy of TriH
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Ma's'n'Pa's Happy Holiday
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
CH Mas'n'Pa's Stardust
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
TriH's Punkin Patches
TriH's Sir Lancelot
GR CH Alexander Gizmo
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
GR CH Marconi's Heidi
Dam: UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle (cream) DOB: 4-4-98
"Krissie" (photo at top)
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Mr Bailey Cream of Purrydaze (cream) DOB: 9-30-96
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Budofbon Good Moneymaker
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Budofbon's Sir Winsto
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
CH Budofbon's Black Satin Doll
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Little Miss
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Whisp's Bouncer
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Goodaroara Smiles
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Purrydaze Peach Crumble (cream) DOB: 3-27-96
TriH's Sir Lancelot
CH (AACE) Purrydaze Hawaii Hotstuff
TriH's Sir Lancelot
CH (CFA) TriH Red Storm Rising
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Purrydaze Florida Floosie
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Purrydaze Montana Mischief
TriH's Sir Lancelot
Master Grand (UCF) SolDiablo's My Shadow of Purrydaze
UFO CH Purrydaze Kentucky Krystle
Phulaluv Duncan of Purrydaze

This pedigree page was built for free at SitStay.com

Rudy's Purrydaze 4-Pedigree chart by Jenni that I framed...

...also in the frame is a receipt and Purrydaze business card (notice "love" was written on receipt by Jenni to signify my reason for wanting to adopt Rudy!).

Rudy's mommy, Krissie!
photo submitted by ©Jenni Markey
(text/frame by me)

Rudy's lookalike daddy, Lance!
submitted by Jenni
(text/frame by me)

CLICK here to my "Time Capsule" site and scroll down to find pop culture happenings on Rudy's birthday!

My Pet Pawprints

Rudy (w/ doggie brother Beau) in a mail-order catalogue photo contest!

My Last Will and Testament



Beau his big doggie brother ? (watch for wink...)

His food (I'll bet this way...). Occasional fetishes: yogurt (cherry Yoplait - also my fave) & ketchup & other tart-y flavors!

His toy. Usual fetishes: drinking straw & dry pasta!

His sleeping spot. Unusual fetishes: bathtub when feeling warm indoors, stove top when air conditioner is on, Beau's cot, my recliner, in corners, paper / plastic bags, boxes, smell of bleach powder (when I was done washing my kitchen floor and it dried, Rudy a few times went over and rubbed on it like catnip...I stopped him fast and washed him off, LOL!)...interchangeable...yet, rarely on my bed!

His private toilet. Uncommon fetishes: though he's very partial to the classic kitty litter box in my bathroom, he sometimes uses Beau's paper on my kitchen floor (even tries unsuccessfully to 'bury' paper over his poop)! And, he's also partial to the tie twister (under my supervision)...such as life!

And, just plain expressing that life is good!

Introducing !

cause: genetic kidney failure. Please visit memorial Link for more. Thanks for your support.

Life 1 year later with Rudy - March 29, 2002:
Hello, hello! I thought I'd update a year later how Rudy's been up to...what an interesting & fascinating ride it's been with Rudy all year. Having a Persian cat is WONDERFUL! Just like I am with Beau my Shih Tzu, I am definitely sticking with Persian cats all my life, esp. males (neutered, of course). (This type of prejudice is good.) I've spent so much time hanging around with him, photographing / video taping him, taking him out for his Autumn portrait (below), and just plain observing his Persian ways. Here's what I've learned about him..he eats any cat food I give him, doesn't mind what kitty litter I use in the box (he even likes to use Beau's paper and I guess he remembers the smell of the newspapers when he was declawed by the previous owner), and likes any toy I give him. He loves to sit on the carpeting by the living room sliding door to watch the world outside. Whenever Beau & I go out there on the big balcony, I take Rudy out and stand there holding him. He loves that. He loves to be groomed and looks forward to daily neck/chest grooming in the morning after he eats breakfast before I take a shower (but is not too crazy about his knees to be brushed, esp. when standing up- maybe he doesn't want me to see his privates (wink)). He doesn't even mind me giving him a booster shot- wow! He's very placid and plays a lot gently. The big benefit is he's not too touchy or curious, so I don't have to worry about him at night while I'm sleeping. Usually with Cleo, she was VERY curious at night and kept her eyes out for bugs or something; she was a great huntress! Whenever I give him scritches and touch his ticklish spots, he'd smack his lips and rock his head slowly sideways similar to singer Stevie Wonder. LOL. Or, he'd smack his lips whenever he scratches himself. And, his teeth- he has "fangs"! Whenever I touch them, they're really curved inward in his mouth and really feel like they're baiting my finger. He even allows me to clean his ears with rubbing alcohol while grooming his thick hair, which doesn't mat so easily or often. I wash his eyes & face daily and he likes that. He doesn't mind when I clip his back nails. He loves to be held. He has grown into a massive Persian like his mother (big bone structure). I take for granted that he doesn't have a peke nose so that he's not running so much or risking breathing / teeth problems. I guess, overall, the wonderful features of him is because he's a male! I didn't even take a vacation at all simply because I wanted to be with him! I will again soon. He has various sleeping spots- one week he's sleeping under a chair, the next week he switches over to behind Beau's bed, the next week he moves on to my bed, the next he goes to his stool (which is his main bed), and so forth. He also has a one-piece kitty condo where his toys are stored; sometimes he sits on it to look out the sliding door. Once in a while he'd gaze at me when I'm eating a bowl of cereal or sucking on a Popsicle. When I'm at my dining room table eating or reading or doing scrapbooking, he'd jump up and lie there and watch me and rest then fall asleep. Hee-hee, really cute! I kiss him daily and sing a lullaby where I'd call him "Hoody" in place of Rudy. I'm so glad he really likes our home and Beau, too. You should see him when I first adopted him that day- wow, he was so confused as to why he went from Jenni to new former owner then back to Jenni then to me. Well, it's good that he grew to trust me that he's here permanently. I was so concerned and felt bad for him that fateful day. He got over it and that's what matters.
In concluding, I'd like to thank Jenni again for giving me such a wonderful Rudy! She did a wonderful job breeding & socializing at her Purrydaze cattery. And, I'd like to think that Rudy was sent to earth by God c/o Cleo so that I could smile again!
More to come eventually...

Life after Cleo - March 31, 2001:
First, betore I got Rudy there was Teddy, a black 6-month-old neutered shorthair mixed kitten from Carmel Animal Hospital. As I stated on page 2 ("next page") of Cleo's memorial page- see Link below, it was the wrong cat; he was wild & crazy. I did not deserve this, but I guess the staff at Carmel felt for me after what I went through with Cleo and gave him to me, on February 13, 2001. Three days later, I phoned the staff for them to quickly take Teddy away from me before I got attached, so Dr. Hirsch came between her appointments. When I attempted to show her that Teddy was tame enough to enter his pet carrier (that she herself brought over) head first, she insisted that she handled him and put him in butt first. She didn't say anything to me but grinned and left in a hurry. I should've gotten the hint about Teddy when I first went to get him at the hospital, and Dr. Hirsch put him in my pet carrier (that I brought with me) butt first. They did hint that he was crazy and feisty, but being the professional that they were, I didn't think they'd dare give me a wild kitty. I was upset as to why they'd give me such a kitty, after Teddy boarded with them for approximately three weeks prior, thus giving them ample time to get to know him and figure him out. I thought they knew him well enough to judge professionally whether he was the right kitty for me. And, I thought they meant friendly-crazy. If he was so wild at their hospital, why did they give him to me? There's a surplus of nice kitties out there for me; I didn't need to put up with Teddy's ways after wonderful Cleo. Teddy was a foster cat being cared for by a gentleman in question who was truly looking for a home for Teddy, after Teddy's family suffered a house fire. The gentleman said if Teddy was rehomed and the new owner wasn't satisfied, to bring Teddy back to the hospital for the gentleman to pick up. The staff told me he was going to original give Teddy to a homeless teenaged girl if it weren't for me. That could make me feel used! Here's a hint (& my lesson): next time you read or hear about a cat being "very friendly", be careful that it might translate as aggressive-type of friendliness. Teddy was very nice to me; just that I didn't want a hyperactive cat for a pet. He loved to attack people's ankles with his claws and bite in. Ugh, no way. However, they helped me with Cleo and donated monetarily to a foundation in her memory. So, I'm not disappointed nowadays...I have a small framed picture of him on my shelf; every animal that has entered my life in any manner gets a picture on my shelf!
Now, on to Rudy. I had spent a couple weeks on and off checking out purrydaze.com's site after Cleo died. I contacted Jenni, who's been a joy to communicate with both by e-mail and in person. I was glad to see that she had adult cats available for adoption, because I wanted to adopt a new kitty at least 6 months old, already fixed, male or female, and a Persian/mix. She told me about Rudy and e-mailed me his picture. I did tell her about Cleo and Teddy. I went to her house to test and play with Rudy. Jenni had generously taken him to her veterinarian for a basic check-up then later gave him a bath. All went well and I drove Rudy home (yes, in Cleo's old pet carrier). On the way home, Rudy meowed in his pretty tone. Eventually, he fell asleep. Once in my home, he was greeted by Beau, my typically exuberant Shih Tzu. Rudy froze a bit. He later took a long nap, probably because he was a bit homesick from Jenni's home. A couple days later, his true self emerged. He ate, slept, and used Cleo's old litter box with no problems. I scrubbed and cleaned Cleo's scent off everything. He even likes Cleo's toys. I am able to bathe him and clip his back nails and clean his ears with no struggling. I've been videotaping / photographing him a lot. I've been shopping for Persian-related items such as statue, figurines, knick-knacks, photo frames/snowglobes, and rubber stamps, just like I did about Cleo. He's a lot of fun. He has adapted to my household rules. He's never destructive or rebellious. He and Beau have become very good friends. I could tell Beau was happy to have a cat again in our household. Beau likes cats better than dogs, because cats don't nosily sniff him all over. I was relieved that Rudy turned out to be the right cat- and a good one; and that importantly Rudy likes me. He kisses me daily, as I kiss him, too! He began to hear his name. Each time I'd say "Rudy", he'd turn around to face me. Maybe he'll figure out to come when called, just like Cleo. Beau is never jealous because he's happy for me. Our household has become a happy threesome again. Cleo was a large part of my formative years during my 20s (my 1st apartment, college, being on my own, growing up, etc.), that I am a little different now, being in my 30s that maybe I'm a little picky. When I was getting Cleo, I didn't make specific choices in the type of cat to have. Now that I'm older & wiser, I tend to set limits. And, I AM proud!

(My message that I placed in persian-cats.com's 'Bulletin Board 1 / General Talk'):

My Rudy turns 2 on Oct. 21 and...Karen Catalioto   [private reply]2001-10-21 20:13:23...I took him to Olan Mills Studios inside Big K Mart to celebrate. I'm just simply relieved that all turned out well at the studio. I was concerned at the beginning that when I was taking him out the door in his carrier, that he might think I'm taking him back to his breeder the way I was taking him out her door to bring him home, LOL. I'm glad to see he didn't seem to remember the day I adopted him. Since he doesn't like vehicle motors, he mewed on the way, but on the way back home he was more relaxed. At the studio he was a bit perplexed but was of course overwhelmed with the studio equipment commotion. Then he figured out it's all about taking pictures because of the flash that reminded him of my own camera. Anyway, I took him in for a portrait because of their free 8 X 10 portrait promotion. What a choice of beautiful scenery (my idea): Autumn theme with black backdrop, 2 pumpkins, and leaves around. It looks great with his red/white colorings & big copper eyes. His poses were perfect AND beautiful! What a relief. Occasionally during the shoot, he did have minor trouble sitting on a small box underneath the black furry spread, so I'd guide him how to pose in different angles while sitting still on it. It takes 3 wks. for the portrait to be ready for my selection. I can't wait!! Then, I'll put it up on his Site along with a brief story of the trip. I'll let you know when I have it up eventually, probably a month. As of this writing, he's hard asleep. What a big day for him. After we got home, I fed him extra treats!
Have a sparkling 2 years, Rudy, and thanks for the memory!
Hope you enjoy your 1st-time birthday in our home!
Karen a.k.a. Rudygirl

Grayce Pearson   [private reply]2001-10-21 20:28:58Happy Birthday to Rudy. He sounds very much loved :)
Charlotte Cross   [private reply]2001-10-21 20:39:12What a nice birthday present for Rudy. I remember when you got him. Please let us see the pictures when you get them.--Charlotte
Debzie Smith   [private reply]2001-10-21 23:08:09Happy Birthday twice, Rudy! Hmmmm I wonder if they take animal pictures at the Super K Mart here? I know once in a while, they advertise a special photographer coming just for animal pics and you can make an appointment, but I'd rather have it done when I want to. Can't wait to see Rudy's pics!
Kim Mattler   [private reply]2001-10-22 00:57:59Happy Birthday Rudy!! I'm so looking forward to seeing your birthday portrait!!
KIM :)
Taffney Clark   [private reply]2001-10-22 09:42:54Happy Birthday Rudy!
Taffney, Abby and Goliath
Birgit Friese   [private reply]2001-10-22 13:17:01Happy Birthday Rudy, and what a nice present you got, your own birthday portrait? Sounds like you are a joy in your mom's life hmm? Have wonderful time,
purrs also from Elsa,
Fran McCannon   [private reply]2001-10-22 14:27:46Happy Birthday Rudy! You are obviously one very cherished furbaby, hope you had a wonderful day full of suprises! And...to commemorate the occasion.. your very own portrait, what a lucky kitty... can wait to see!

Here is a professional portrait of Rudy on his 2nd birthday. I added a golden hue to his face/body during scanning to exude a strong Autumn look. GORGEOUS, isn't he?? He should be a model for a living!

(And, a close-up scanning of the same full portrait to capture Rudy's winsome face!)

(from the WebTV / MSN TV newsgroup):

"I love the Rudy pictures. The portrait is perfect.   He has a beautiful face with very cute markngs.   Your website (as usual) is a treasure."

"I love your web pages - I see something different each time I visit! And Rudy is absolutely gorgeous - you found a really good photographer!"

"Rudy is a remarkably lovely cat. I adore orange and flame colored kitties and he is one of the prettiest I've seen. He exudes charm and a calm friendly demeanor. I'm so glad you found each other :-)"


Photos / Easter

Photos 2 / Halloween
Photos 2 / Xmas

February, 2001

Rudy atop my kitchen counter communicating with me. His meow is more like "mweowww", probably because of his small underbite. LOL! What a pretty, melodic voice (& large copper eyes). (This is so far my favorite picture!)

Notice Rudy's 'trademark' arm cross, resting on my dining room table. Doesn't he look like a classic Persian?

March, 2001

This is a video still of Rudy waiting for his breakfast, as he greets me in my bathroom where his dish is at!

Rudy's 1st holiday - Easter Sunday! Here he's posing among my collectibles...
April 15, 2001

May, 2001

This is actually a b/w picture I took using b/w Kodak 400 film. I was experimenting with photo tinting using water-soluble drops, by creativephototinting.com (where I purchased at a scrapbooking convention). It's that easy! This is also one of my favorite pictures of Rudy; I didn't plan on him "meowing" for this shot- it was purely accidental and I was glad it came out--> notice his 'fangs'...

It's been a fun 1st year with him. He's a wonderful AND graciously gorgeous model.

Bath time! Rudy's very gentle even though he may get a little scared if I bathe too long. (Notice Rudy does not look (or act) like that Persian 'bad hair' poster (scroll way down). LOL.)

Zzzzzzz...(psst 'til next time)...

Newsflash: Royal Canin makes cat food dry specifically for Persian cats!

recipe for 'kitty litter pan cake'!

© 2001-2004 Karen Catalioto
a.k.a. Rudygirl

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"I am not surprised. You have a wonderful pages. Good for them for knowing a job well done. Good for you, that is great."

"Well Congratulations Rudy! You are becoming a star!"

"Congratulations, good job."


(nice e-mail, ccp'd):

(June 19, 2001)
Hi Karen,
I was just looking at your website, and your kitty is beautiful, also as I was checking out the pedigree, I noticed you have a lot of TriH in there. Your are first person I have seen with a cat that comes from there. I also own a Tri H kitty and she is absolutly beautiful. I know this is no big deal, but I thought it was kind of neat. But to tell you also you have a gorgouse kitty. Your website looks great, take care and hugs to the furkids, Kelly

(from the petloss.com newsgroup (when I was posting about Cleo's Memoriam Page and introducing Rudy's site), ccp'd):

(October 5, 2001)
Rudy is a Cutie!!! That was my Dad's name!

(ccp'd / unedited from persian-cats.com):

Bulletin Board 1: General Talk

Hello, new here!Karen CataliotoSun Mar 11 2:33 AMHi! Just introducing myself: I just got a new 16-month-old bicolor (red/white) Persian named "Rudy"! I got him just last Feb. 21. He's my 2nd cat, as I lost my almost 16-year-old tuxedo cat named "Cleo". She was like a daughter to me, and her sudden death was devastating. I got Rudy from Purrydaze Persians cattery, from a woman who knew what happened to me about Cleo and gave me Rudy for love. Isn't that nice? I'm very happy with Rudy, even though I had to get used to the fact that he's not Cleo. Cleo is tops in my heart, my 1st pet, my 1st cat, whom I raised since she was 2 months old. She was a WONDERFUL cat. I look forward to many more years with Rudy. Here's my new Page for him:
Come check it out and sign my Guest Book telling me what you think! It's a growing Page, and I'm planning to add a lot more. I also put this persian-cats.com link there.
I look forward to getting to know other Persian owners and learning more about raising them.
Karen a.k.a. Rudygirl (my User Name for this board/site)


Fran McCannonSun Mar 11 3:20 AMHi Karen
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Cleo. 16 years is indeed a long time to share your life with a precious pet,and I'm sure she will be in your heart forever.
Your Rudy is a lovely persian! I am sure he will bring much joy to your home, and, of course, though one animal can never replace another... in time I'm sure you will come to love him just as much as your Cleo, but in a different way..just as it is with people. Every relationship is different.
Wishing you all the best of luck with your furbaby! You will find many helpful and knowledgable people here to help you with any persian care questions you may have.... welcome!

Enid CalvertSun Mar 11 7:16 AMHi and welcome!!! So very sad to hear about Rudy:)That is sooo difficult to deal with,after all they are family.Little people i call them:)Your new person sounds lovely!!!How kind hearted of this breeder to do this for you!!! People think breeders are cold hearted,huh!!!If they only new???Look forward to you participating on the Board.

Carolyn KreinerSun Mar 11 8:06 AMHi Karen and welcome! Very sorry to hear about Cleo. Know how you feel, really. But Rudy will be your little lover for you now! Welcome to the wonderful world of Persians. You'll be an addict in no time! I have 7, LOL! Going to check out your site now and looking forward to it! Great to have you here!

Carolyn KreinerSun Mar 11 8:12 AMJust visited Rudy. What a cutie pie! If you'd like to meet my cat crew of 10 (yes seriously, 10 cats, lol) here's my url:
I just love showing them off, doesn't everyone! HUGS!

Arlene SabinoSun Mar 11 9:01 AMHi Karen-
Welcome to the board. Im sorry to hear about Cleo. Its very hard to say goodbye to a sweet furfriend that you have had so long. Im sure your new guy will give you many years of loving too. He sure is a pretty cat (if thats ok to say about a boy) Good luck with him and again welcome. Arlene

Cara BednerMon Mar 12 7:25 AMHi Karen! It is nice to meet you and Rudy! I lost a very close, beautiful little persian after almost 11 years and I understand how you feel about Cleo. I am so glad you have Rudy and I am told that I should get another little persian to love so I am looking for a kitten near where we live so we can call our house a home. I know a house is just a house but one with a cat is truly a home.
As I have said before, you will get that "persian feeling"
(warm & fuzzy - LOL!) here, always.
Hope to post with you soon!

Debbie CallahanMon Mar 12 5:22 PMHello, Karen!
Welcome! I am new here to and I love this site and the fellow cat lovers are wonderful people. I am sorry to hear about Cleo, I just took a look at your new baby and Rudy is so pretty. I have two doll faced himmies, Shyann is a seal point and Tazz is a flame point. They are just as close to my heart as my children, so I know the devistation you must be going through with the loss of Cleo. I hope you enjoy your time on this site as much as I do, and if you need support you are sure to find it here among all these good people.
Debbie Callahan >^..^<

Patsy SimsTue Mar 13 1:09 PMWell, WELCOME to Karen and Debbie,
It is just wonderful to have new people and their furbabies join this board. You will find, as others have already stated so well, this board is a fantastic place to make friends, learn new things about cats, and get valuable info when your furbaby gets ill, just, in general, it's a family, to which both you ladies now belong. Welcome again.
Karen, I am so sorry for your loss, but I truly believe your new furbaby will mean the world to you just. as your other cat person did. They all have different personalities just like kids do, and a mother's heart, after all, can love many, many, many times, you know. =)
I don't think there are many people on this board who have not at some point, lost a beloved pet, be it a cat or other animal. You will find many friends here, and sometimes, it is good to have a friend to just listen to you!!!
Hope to chat with you both on Friday nights at 7 pm (CST) that is when we all seem to get together on the chat board.
Patsy, Chyna Blu and Molly Mouse

Lana Emmerson2001-03-25 11:33:32Hi Karen, Rudy looks adorable, and his family tree looks very interesting. The website is great!

(ccp'd from WebTV newsgroup):

Hi....I have been reading Rudy's story, and I can't decide who is the lucky one....you or Rudy. I will have to go back and do some more reading......you have a fascinating page.
My kitty- 6 months old- is red & white and I think he stole a Persians tail.....it is a beautiful full plume, but he is not Persian. I have no idea about his ancestry.....he came from the shelter, but I love him anyway.
I will check in again after I read some more. Look forward to hearing more about Rudy and Beau.

I liked the story you have added.   I also looked over the cattery he came from. Looks like he went from one good home to another. Glad you two (oops,you 3) are all getting along so well.

Rudy really really is very pretty. You are both very lucky.

Hi Karen, Your new kitty Rudy is just great. I love his markings and coloration. I am sure that he will make a perfect companion for you and Beau. Your webpages are really terrific. Great work!

I loved your updated page & what
wonderful pictures! Let us know
about any updates.
--Karen [also of Arizona, in Mesa!]

Rudy is an absolute cutie.....How exciting to get a new child in the family. I wish I had the room to add to my family. Tell us about Rudy as he adjusts to his new life.
--Lady Eiam

"Guys are like big Labradors where you smack them around. Women are like Persian cats. You don't buy it a toy, roll it over, grab its legs..."
~ from TV's Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"They're very beautiful, too, and really well-mannered and well-tempered. These [Persian] cats, in all the years that I've had cats, have never broken anything. They are very, very well-balanced, and they're not clumsy."
~ Domestic doyenne Martha Stewart on CBS News with Lisa Hill and Michael Pomerantz

[Imogene] Coca also had a lifelong passion for animals, especially poodles and Persian cats.
~ People magazine 6-18-01 issue, p. 72, on the deceased actress/comedienne

Women, poets, and especially artists, like cats; delicate natures only can realize their sensitive nervous systems.
~ Helen M. Winslow, American writer

People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.
~ Susan Easterly, Cat Fancy magazine columnist

Famous Persian/Himalayan cat owners: rocker Freddie Mercury of the group Queen, TV hostess Jillian Barbarie of Good Day (2 Himalayan rescues named "Rudy"(!) & "Bab"), actress June Lockhart of TV's Lost in Space, TV host Regis Philbin (Persian named "Ashley"), white Persian named "Sugar" in the reality-TV series Family Plots, actor Chris Marquette of TV's Joan of Arcadia (Persian named "Patches"), white Fancy Feast cat food Persian cat, one half featured in the movie Cats and Dogs.


Isn't this Persian kitty a doll??
(June, 1987 issue)

This is a postcard from Romania of a Rudy lookalike- wow!

By artist Eden Folwell (red Persians must be popular!)

"Marmalade", the famous 'FurReal' Hasbro electronic toy of the year 2002, looking like a red/white Persian cat, like Rudy! I have the all-white w/ blue eyes, purchased on sale for $29.99 (down from the manufacturer retail of $39.99) from K-B Toys at MetroCenter Mall in Phoenix (2003).

Rare find that I snapped up on sale for $5.99 down from $11.99, also at K-B Toys, made by Kitty Kitty Kittens - "Punkin"!

Here's how I display some of my figurine collectibles (in my living room)...

The Shih Tzu of my "Beau", the Persian of my "Rudy", & the Tuxedo cat is of my "Cleo".
The figurines represent exactly how my pets are!

Listed on eBay.com auctions :

exquisitely made by Sandicast (scroll down to Where to buy Sandicast/dealers)
(Doesn't it look just like Rudy?? I purchased it from Godber's in Phoenix.)

I bidded/won this Sandicast figurine on eBay because it's no longer available in retail.

(And, THIS is the hard-to-find 'lookalike' item that I won.)

My winning bid...looking exactly like Rudy!
By United Design - Stone Critters, 1984

Also from eBay...isn't this mini-figurine so detailed?!

This I won on eBay (looks big but is actually an inch tall)...

I finally won this copper cookie cutter on eBay, which is designed by Martha Stewart for marthabymail.com
(a very rare find (to purchase individually, as Martha by Mail requires you to buy various cat designs in bulk (for about $45). However, I paid a total of $5.85 for only one)!

Another lookalike design that I won at eBay.

2 items above made by About Face Designs (very hard to find), that I bidded / won from the same seller on eBay. Beautiful, aren't they??! (The 2 dragonflies outside the water globe are actually attached to the springs, which enable them to move like real dragonflies!)

Here's a somewhat similar figurine, but I didn't bid, because it's somewhat similar in pose above (this is my way of not collecting too much)!

This little resin figurine was made by a fellow Phoenician up for bid!

Red Persian statue made in Japan...

Cute face!

Drawn by artist Heather/Ketah...

A spitting image of Rudy! Made by 'Lisa's Pieces'...

Which one is you, Rudy?? Rudy posing next to his lookalike statue that I won on eBay (1st eBay Persian cat item that I bidded on/won, right after I adopted Rudy)!

More eBay item that I won...Rudy's picture looks perfect for this frame!
(Made by the famed folk artist Warren Kimble.)

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