NEWS FORUM/Beau's first portrait with Santa!
Vol. 1, No. 3

November 29, 1999

Ho, ho, ho!!

Merry Christmas, folks. As some of you may have known, I adopted Beau officially on December 2, 1992, when he was 3 months old. No, he did not intend to be my Christmas baby; he just happened to be available and ready for adoption at the time, and I was DEFINITELY ready for him. After that special day, I decided to commemorate that moment of my 'first' pup of my very own (and not having to share with my Mom & 2 sisters). I took him to PetsMart to pose with Santa! Before I did that, I waited a couple of days for the sake of his third puppy shot to take effect (I'm very protective of him). When Beau's turn arrived, Santa didn't hesitate to hold him, he just took Beau and placed him on his lap like a dog lover. Beau was very calm, yet I'm sure confused how he should conduct himself. They took two great Polaroid shots, one of Beau and Santa first, next of those two with me! For $9.98, it was definitely worth it, and we were happy to donate that cash to charity. Baby Beau looked like an Angel posing all buried in Santa's beard!
By the way, why don't you check out our PHOTO GALLERY, where you will see a grown Beau posing with Rudolph...for a challenging change! We **may put up those two above one Polaroid shots up in the GALLERY in the future; just that we just had to show off that Rudolph portrait. We certainly hope you enjoy it (notice the special "glow" effect that we put in as a backdrop!).



Updated on November 24, 2000 **