NEWS FORUM/Arizona State Fair 2
Vol. 3, No. 2
November 1, 2001

Happy Autumn!

Beau and I went to Arizona State Fair '01 on October 19 to be volunteer guests at a booth for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) (used to be Arizona Council for the Hearing Impaired (ACHI)), which is a state referral agency that dispenses any information associated with hearing-impairment. My Hearing Ear Dog Law Information Center™ is on their listing of referrals, so I figured why not show up and educate more about Hearing Ear Dogs such as Beau. We volunteered from 12 to 2, and right before we showed up at the start of the Fair's day, we stopped by an antique photo booth (something I wanted done with Beau), where a photographer took an 8 X 10 sepia-toned photo (above!) of Beau and me at a "saloon". I chose their pinstripe suit & hat to represent Marlene Dietrich of the '30s/'40s era, when she became famous from the movies The Blue Angel and Destry Rides Again. I set my make-up (even my eyebrows) and hair for this picture! Let's call it my Halloween costume for the moment.

Now, part of the reason for the photo plan, was to test the Fair again to see how much knowledge the staff and carnies have had about Hearing Dogs compared to when Beau and I were at the Fair the first time back in '98. I'd have to, unfortunately, announce that '98 was better. When we arrived at the fair entrance, one staff worker in charge of taking the tickets never knew what a Hearing Dog was and she had the nerve to ask the security more about it, who quickly motioned to her that I was permitted in with Beau. Also, the thing is I was dressed up wearing a skirt...suppose I was there to do a show or something? Anyway, when I first approached that antique photo booth, the carny there didn't even know that Service Dogs were permitted on the Fair premises and even told her assistant not to accept Beau. So, the security's little building was nearby, and I signaled them to tell her that yes, by laws, she was obligated to accept Beau to be included in the photo with me. When the security officer told her YES, she was very surprised that Service Dogs were even allowed on the fairgrounds! Happily, all went well. Just that I couldn't believe the ignorance and low-tolerance of some Arizona citizens when it comes to the A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) whenever they're employed on public property. Didn't the Fair educate the staff workers and carnies any better about such laws, during orientation or something?? I mean it's a rugged outdoor fair loaded with animals- livestock owners even brought their own pets to roam around! I guess Arizona is just not an animal-friendly state. Next, we went to a photo booth stand that took black & white, as I wanted one to go with the past color one we did at a mall in 1994 (see our SCRAPBOOKING GALLERY / Page 2). It came out well but a little too bright; thank God for lipstick! It will be up in the Gallery soon once I place it on a scrapbook page and find a similar 'panoramic picture' frame to slide it through, as well as photos of Beau and me at the ACDHH booth. What fun! Beau had been a trouper...

At the booth wasn't too busy. However, fairgoers were fascinated with Beau. He was cool, calm, and collected! I was at least appreciative that some were interested in the functions of Hearing Dogs and the laws/A.D.A. or why was Beau there, etc. I videotaped and took pictures. Thank God for Viewcam video camera which is not too heavy to carry around in a bag.

Former teen idol of the '70s David Cassidy ("Keith" of Partridge Family) was performing that night, but I decided not to subject Beau to loud music (and I didn't care for him either). I had my hand stamped when I was done at the booth and left the Fair but decided not to come back. Beau and I were feeling too warm; it was in the 90s that day for mid-October. Yuck. I was there previously (without Beau) on October 11 to see teen country singer LeAnn Rimes perform that night. I took pictures. I was seated right on the floor section near the stage due to A.D.A. that they were to be reserved for the handicapped. Unfortunately, the Fair neglected to set aside such reservations apart from reservations for other people. The ushers put me in a seat that was peviously reserved for somebody else (who came in late- why don't they sit on the hard floor somewhere? It was so dark). While I was moved to a nearby seat, I felt it was a disruption to the A.D.A., so the next day I called the office in charge of the ushers, and a polite Dionna there told me that the office also received calls from other people being moved from seat to seat, too. I told her one usher couldn't see me showing my right hearing aid to indicate that I was sitting there according to A.D.A. and that he must've thought that I was pointing to my right ear to say that I couldn't hear him because it was dark and the music was loud (BTW, young teen singer Billy Gillman was LeAnn's opening act so thank God LeAnn's show didn't begin yet when this little seat confusion began). I asked Dionna to ask LeAnn Rimes management for a video copy of the performance to make up for it, as they didn't allow videotaping (funny how the ushers were very alert to be sure no one had video cameras, yet they were so lame about the A.D.A.!). She told me that the management told the office it's for promotions only and would not share for general viewing (translation: not interested in sharing), so she made up for it by supposedly mailing me a free ticket and another free fair admission to see David Cassidy (where my seat would be right by the stage). I never received her mail and called her about it, and she said it probably got lost in the mail and that there's nothing more she could do about it (not even send me another one?). So, as a result, I told her that I came to the conclusion that she never mailed me anything and was to forward a message about this situation to the Fair higher-ups. Whenever I volunteer at a fair booth, admission and parking are free, and that's why she was supposedly sending me more free tickets.

Ahh, despite the fun times I had with Beau at the booth and with pictures, and LeAnn's performance, I don't think I will go back to this Fair for a long time being. I've had my fill and had enough with a lot of strange people all over there...

For Halloween this year, Beau and I (and Rudy!) dressed up as pumpkins (photos to be up soon also)! We didn't go trick-or-treating, as our apartment management had a little Halloween party with pizzas, breads, salads, sodas, and candies. Yumm! I videotaped / photographed my Halloween decors such as a little pine tree adorned in orange lights, pumpkin garlands, autumn leaves, spider webs, and fake rat / roach. I even had purple / orange icicle lights hanging by my sliding door at my big balcony. I sure was the center of attention on ths property! What great fun we had. It was new Persian kitty Rudy's first Halloween with us, and he was such a patient charmer. I'm relieved tha he wasn't overwhelmed by all this hype. We had few trick-or-treaters because most went over to that party at the apartment clubhouse. Oh, and BTW, there was a Deafoween party that I checked out in the beginning but it was so disorganized (yes, some decors) and very boring, so I left after 15 minutes. Thank God I didn't pay $10- it barely included food and drink was extra. The DJ there was so bored, and he was playing only rap music and not Halloween music. I didn't bring Beau due to their exceptionally loud music that the chairman warned about (amps set at approx 800!). They were were too interested in raising funds than to truly celebrate the spirit of the holiday. I faked an ear infection and asked the gal who went to the same high school I went to quickly drive me back home (I live a few miles away). Also, the chairman of that club picked me up too early and was not very nice to guests. The gal told me he was drunk, so I'm glad I asked her instead of him to drive me home. You can imagine my relief to be out of there in the nick of time! From now on, I will stick to a gathering where the hosts are more interested in keeping guests comfortable than the money. Politeness counts! So much for life in Arizona (be forewarned), but I'm not staying here for long anyway. Yay! (Psst, this was my mother's idea to move here from new Jersey back in 1978. Ugh. Gag.)

Hope you all had a beautiful autumn season and a safe Halloween!

-- "Hey Marlene...looking good! lol"

-- "That is a neat picture of you and Beau Karen.   It looks like the two of you just stepped out of a '30s movie."

-- "That's a very neat pic of you and Beau. The artist did a good job."

-- "Both of you are cute. Good way to get a great picture."


Halloween full moon present since 1955... Awwrroohh!

NEWS FORUM/Trick-or-Treating
Vol. 1, No. 2

September 30, 1999


Happy Halloween, folks! Do you take your Furbabies trick-or-treating?? Beau and I went a couple times. First time was back in 1993, when he just turned a year old. We live in an apartment complex, and we walked around the property knocking on doors and asking for goodies. I carried him most of the time, because he was wearing feet PJ for a costume! (SEE HIS GORGEOUS BABY PJ (size 12 months) IN A BEAUTIFUL HALLOWEEN FRAME). His "costume" was actually for a 12-month-old human baby, with pup/doghouse pictures all over it. What a doll. I got it on sale at JC Penney, so I figured why not get it?
Anyway, as we prowled at the apartment complex, some tenants expressed amazement at my carrying a dog for trick-or-tricking; some were hysterical. One woman thought I was carrying a hairy baby (?) Some expressed confusion, like who were we (or something like that). In addition, we went with a fellow tenant with her black cocker spaniel where, she gave up earlier and went back home due to her dog's fidgety behavior (she was a puppy and was not fully trained to behave a certain way). Beau and I went home after the approximate one-hour round with a bag full of goodies. Poor Beau, he was not permitted to eat the candies, yet earned his doggie biscuit for his patience!

The second trick-or-treating was not really much of earning goodies. In 1998, we went to the Arizona State Fair where we dressed up as Court Jesters to celebrate this breed's heritage in China. A reminder: Beau went as my Hearing Ear Dog for the hearing-impaired~ the fair does not permit pets. Unfortunately, the weather was warmer than expected, so I carried him around mostly to keep him cooled down; the pavement was hot! We had our picture taken twice, one by the fair representative handing out a 4 x 6 souvenir [[Update November 1, 2000: see below]] for us to take our cute photo home, and by a caricature artist [[Update November 1, 2000: see also below]]. These photos may be shown in the Photo Gallery maybe a photo of Beau and me posing by our Halloween tree or in our [different] Court Jester costumes (1995 portrait)! Keep checking us out!
If you have any stories to share, write us and include permission to have us print it on our Site!


NEWS FORUM/Arizona State Fair
Vol. 2, No. 3

November 1, 2000

[Note: The following story below originally appeared in hard copy, of The Shih Tzu Forum newsletter (Autumn 1998). For those of you who did not subscribe or have not had a chance to read it, we are very happy to re-print this story here on the web.]


I had misgivings about taking Beau to the Fair. Reason was, the Shih Tzu breed was not designed or programmed to do so much walking. But, then, I figured that I'd carry him in-between. It turned out fine. It rained the day before, and I hoped that it'd mean it'd be cooler the next day...well, yeah, but of course, 2 o' clock is 2 o' clock. It was in the late 70º F. Not too bad, but the sun is 'ugh' for him, so I carried him and remained in the shaded areas. No, we didn't go on any rides. We just basically visited the various exhibits (including mine, of course!). I took pictures and videotaped. We even visited the livestock but maintained a safe distance, just in case some of them never met a dog! A cow and a goat liked Beau, thought! Beau was simply oblivious.

One security guard approached me and told me he had a Shih Tzu that lived to be 14, and showed me a sepia-toned picture (old?) of the dog at a birthday, wearing a party hat.

Another one, a Fair volunteer, told me he had a Shih Tzu (gray) that lived to be 17! At the StampWorks exhibit (rubber stamps- one of my faves), a man there told me he has a Shih Tzu named Beau, too! His Beau is "tan & off-white- sorry, but I left a picture of him in the trailer". So far, Beau handled the outing very well...

In case you're wondering about Beau being permitted at the Fairgrounds, he came with me as my 'hearing assistance dog' (many ways to call it...), meaning he's legally permitted anywhere with me in public places- sometimes except zoos->Arizona law. It's a federal law, which my Hearing Ear Dog Law Information Center provides information nationwide that do the training for their applicants). A couple of female guards at the Fair, at first, were not aware of Beau's position. I just have to signify Beau as my assistance dog, and that a certificate or ID is not required as proof- meaning 'verbal assurance' is acceptable by law to use. Yes, the laws can be confusing. But, fortunately, I find that verbally, it's been effective everywhere that Beau & I went. We've never been detained. Maybe if there are more Hearing Dogs out there like Beau would help educate people better and faster. Seeing Eye Dogs are more known. I also don't need to be that deaf to qualify- hard-of-hearing, even without a hearing aid is acceptable by law. When we were at the Fair, I bet some people thought that we were exhibitors or performers on a break, walking around, as pets are not allowed there.

It was a worthy trip to remember by...not because of a great, wonderous memory of having a dog at the fair with me, my rubber stamping crafts earned ribbons (4th Premium, 5th Premium, Honorable Mention). I hope people enjoyed booking at Beau's photos surrounded by my artwork. My mission of the artwork entry is to support responsible pet ownership and lots of TLC!

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