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NEWS FORUM / Beau's 10th Birthday Moments
Vol. 4, No. 2

September 30, 2002

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birrrrthday, dear Beauuuu!


(Here's what I wrote in my Shih Tzu Forum message board):

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birrrthdayyy to youuuu!


Happy 10th on Sept. 1 @ 6 PM, Beau!!

With lotsa luv & (( hugs )) XXOO,

(And, here are the well wishes from the board in response):

Happy 10th birthday Beau!!! Licks and Scratches from your Canadian Pal Mocha!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Beau! Jellyby wishes she could be invited to your big birthday bash, but since she's in rainy Boston and you're in sunny Arizona, she'll settle for vicarious fun in the form of a write-up about your big celebration. Congrats!!! Amanda

Congrats, Beau - Hope you had a great day!!!! Amber & Mia (wishing she were old enough for a mature stud like Beau *blush*) Amber & Mia

Happy Happy BIRTHDAY BEAU!!!! :) Hugs! Pam & Sedona!

Happy Birthday Beau!!!!!!! Im sure your making your mom's day!!!!!! Your a good boy! knotsmom...and knots!

Happy, bark bark, Birthday Beau. From your Canadian friends Asia and Tika and their Mom

And a big birthday congratulations from Kansas. Woof, woof, Tracie!

Happy Birthday Beau. Many more too come. Sunlite, Baby and Emma

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAU!!!!!! Lots of *licks* from Chloe xxx And a big hug from Maureen!


Wow, "10" already? I'm so proud of you!

The reason I wanted to make this a celebratory moment for him was because he and I went through a lot together, both positive and negative. Mainly postive. He didn't have much of an ordinary upbringing as other pets. He didn't stay home all the time. He experienced lots of plane and car rides (no trains as of yet!) and even got to stay at a luxurious hotel. Not only because he was my Hearing Ear dog for the hearing-impaired, but also because I'm that way with taking a pet with me to most places. He's just so darn lotsa fun, as well! That's a lot of patience on his part and fortunately, he's loved the life style. He's not a shivery and nervous toy breed. He's very calm and old-style in mannerisms. He deserved it! When I first thought of having a party in honor of him this year, I wanted it to be a public one and not just a family / friends only event. When it came to choosing a location, I thought of a reception hall or PetsMart / Three Dog Bakery. When the latter two told me they no longer do parties (poopers!), I thought back to the reception hall. However, I was concerned about the size and cost, because I wasn't sure whether people around here would really show up for a 'doggie party'. I didn't want to invest in something without much of a guarantee. After much thought, I had a brainstorm...there was a cat show run by my Persian cat Rudy's breeder at a church fellowship hall across the street from me. Does this mean that the church does permit animals on the premises? I wondered. When I called and spoke with the pastor, he told me yes, and I later spoke with his secretary to set up a date. She also gave me a discount: $50 down from $100 for rent and $25 security down from $50. How generous. When I went in to pay, she showed me the hall, and I was surprised to see it had a stage! I didn't notice it during the cat show, because they had things piled up on the tables that were seemingly blocking the stage view, and I was only at the show very briefly to say hi to Jenni (breeder). Wow, a 'large' hall complete with a stage for a total of only $75. Neat. The church is located in a very convenient central section of Phoenix and right on a business street, so there's no getting lost. That's why I picked it, aside from my being close by. I e-mailed the local 12 news and the Arizona Republic newspaper, to help publicize Beau's special day. Someone noted that I was a good 'press agent' for Beau, LOL. I also posted/sent my black/white/faxable invitation printout that I made online (see Link sample at end of page) to animal-related business, as well as a library and food store, to post onto their bulletin boards or windows. The church put a couple up, too.

Two days before the scheduled party, I booked an appointment with the Picture People portrait studios to take Beau in for a birthday theme portrait, complete with an 8" round white layer cake which I baked (Betty Crocker brand) with white vanilla frosting (Betty Crocker & Pillsbury(also confetti)) and colorful edible confetti with matching confetti "1 0" candles next to him! I selected this particular studio, because they have unique solid color-only backdrops to select, as well as being pet-friendly. They moved north to a newer location, but it's worth it. It was a fun session, and I was so happy that the poses turned out well! I found great frames for them. However, Beau had to pee before the session, and I didn't know it, so he went on the studio floor (thank God not the carpet). He went late the night before and didn't seem to need to go the morning before we left. I even made sure he didn't have water before bed (he wasn't thirsty anyway). Heh, heh. I told the photographer that we had a long trip from central Phoenix to north Phoenix. They were fortunately understanding! I ordered two poses. The one with that neat burgundy Victorian-like chair (my idea) which made the Shih Tzu breed look classic, and another simple one with just Beau and his cake without a prop (such as furniture). I loved the cake's white frosting and am relieved it was a good color prop with the purple backdrop. The birthday theme is a cake, and I didn't want to add more such as a present or a balloon, because it may detract from the focal point of the cake that represents Beau's special birthday. They had a free sitting and free 8x10 special, so I just purchased the other 8x10, 10x13, 5x7, and wallets. They also have their own developing lab, so you can wait up to an hour for your portrait to be ready to take home without having to go back at another date/time to pick up. I was the first appointment, so I just had to wait for a half hour. Also, I noticed their business color is purple, so no wonder they have this solid purple backdrop available. Beau looks good with purple/maroon. The staff complimented how well Beau's pictures came out...
Also, I ordered another cake (white- 1/4 single rectangular) at Fry's food store, where the baker put a picture of Beau atop the cake, made of edible rice paper. Cost: $21.99 ($14.99 base + $7.00 for photo). I picked reddish maroon theme, not only to match the picture (the 1st portrait MotoPhoto one when he turned 1 year old), but the picture I chose was 'Oriental' maroon from the MotoPhoto studio, where I took Beau to for his 1st birthday first portrait! The baker added a "Happy 10th Birthday Beau!" (my idea) signature in maroon, along with dogbone designs (her idea). Plus, September is Autumn, and it looks good with his liver/white coat colors. For a gift, instead of a typical dog toy, I decided to give him MY toy, a stuffed little dog that I won at Wildwood (amusement park), New Jersey back in '78. Beau had wanted that long ago, so I decided to hold and give it to him on his special day. It's a secured toy that won't fall apart. I thought of buying a little doggie cake from the local Three Dog Bakery, but their hours are unreliable (for a mall!), and when I got there just a few minutes after they closed (I thought they closed an hour later), I stopped the owner and mentioned the little cake on their shelf through the window that I'd like to look at, but he didn't want to budge and requested that I come in the morning (no, thanks), so I thanked him for saving me money and decided to make my own from the Three Dog Bakery cookbook that the founders authored. No wonder he has limited hours, because he must not be busy. This is not much of pet-friendly community here, so go figure. His loss! (My sample doggie cake was not at the party, so that the dogs could become spoiled by nibbling our cake.)

Party update...unfortunately, the public didn't show up, but then I didn't receive any RSVP from them. I guess I better stick with family or friends only and not bother invite the public again. 12 News and Arizona Republic expressed interest but never bothered to get back to me or showed up that day. I guess no one wants to waste time over a nobody, unless a celebrity would be present. In the Arizona community, they're the kind of people who, if they don't know you, that they don't bother show up or support you. Something's unfathomable- with my assertive advertising, that no one showed up- even out of curiosity? It's very possible that my invitation printout wasn't honestly posted by some of the local retailers and organizations for the public to view, or even printed in the Arizona Republic. I even invited Beau's breeder, Debi. I just thought I'd make an exception to invite the public to help celebrate Beau's special 10th birthday party. That's why I reserved the church's Fellowship Hall, because I wouldn't want strangers/animals in my home anyway. Friends gave/sent me cards and well wishes. (Friends out-of-state or on the 'net couldn't make it due to traveling expenses.) Better than nothing, right? I can't put up pictures, because they don't want to be on the 'net, but here are some pictures and video stills of Beau with the beautiful and delicious (wasn't even too sweet) cake, as well as Beau's portraits. Sorry I didn't have more exciting news. At least, to me, the portraits are much more important, because it's for life while the party is just one day. Like the small court judges who often quote the brides who sue the wedding planners for any fiascos (crooked wedding cake, so-so pictures, etc.), "A wedding is a wedding if a man showed up; a wedding isn't a wedding if a man didn't show up. Concentrate on your marriage and not a one-day wedding." Therefore, I personally focus on the beautiful portraits, rather than the one-day "too-small" party. Another thing is the weather that day did have rain in some parts of Phoenix, but not my area. It was cooler and drier and very beneficial for animals. In Phoenix, when it rains, people stay home until the rains stops. Ugh, not me! That's why they didn't show up perhaps? Overall, I wasn't really surprised or disappointed, because once you live in Phoenix long enough, you can figure it out, but I figured why not give it one more chance. The first time was Beau's first birthday, when I and Debi invited other Shih Tzu owners who adopted Debi's Shih Tzus from her kennel, and none showed up. It was located at a public park, at a covered picnic table where it's cooler and has a breeze blowing by. It was during Labor Day weekend, so we figured that could be it. So, for this time I selected the end of September, where it's cooler and past Labor Day and 9/11 Remembrance Day. If both ways didn't work out, something's very wrong...maybe someday I will find a much better, pet-friendly community who cares to support the local animals. (WHAT was my mother thinking back then when she moved us here from New Jersey??) Beau's party was not meant to be fluffy or cute; it was very true. When people smiled at my invitation printout, that to me meant that this dog party stuff is rare around here. I know they didn't deliberately skip the special day, just that they didn't make the inclination to show up. My friends tell me they're lazy. Maybe I should've tried the Hamptons (in L.I., NY) (!) They support you, no matter what. I start to think of my Michigan pen pal who told me that no one showed up for her 4th of July party, and she swears that they could really ruin the day! In concluding, I'd like to thank the security's daughter at the party, for taking pictures of Beau and me! Those who miss the party cavalier-ly and failed to support Beau..."shame on you", especially the media, who failed to make an effort to provide coverage.

It's bittersweet to celebrate Beau's milestone 10th birthday, because it means he's not young anymore, and that I have only more than a few years (hopefully A LOT more) left with him. I was VERY devastated when Cleo, my tuxedo cat, went over the Rainbow Bridge at 16 years old almost two years ago, and it's still very hard. She was 2 months old when I adopted her. I certainly hope it won't get too difficult when Beau goes someday. Cleo was my first cat / first pet, and Beau's my first dog / second pet. I adopted Beau at 3 months old. Rudy, my 2-year-old red/white Persian cat, would be my third pet; I adopted him from Jenni of Purrydaze Persians cattery when he was 16 months old. ALL three of them are VERY VERY special to me and like my children (with hair all over!)...

Click to view my B/W / faxable printable INVITATION
Click to view my INVITATION in COLOR!

And, now, here are the pictures...enjoy! Thanks for your support.

Picture People Portraits - 10x13!

Picture People Portraits - 8x10! Very similar to his Oriental Ming Dynasty background...

Yumm! 1/4 rectangular white butter cake w/ white butter creme frosting & reddish maroon (color theme) accessory / signature, made by Fry's Foods Bakery. Notice Shih Tzu copper cookie and little doggie breeds knick-knacks!

Pre-party pose inside Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall...

Beau 'privately' enjoying his gift on his cot beneath my living room end table!

Oh, and one last thing. Here's the ad I placed in the defunct publication, The Arizona Pet Guide, pending Beau's 1st birthday back in September 1993 issue:

Happy 1st Birthday "Beau." Here's to the rest of your health and happiness. You've been terrific to me all year--you deserve the best! Karen

I wrote:

"Happy Birthday, dear Beau, who will turn 9 on Sept. 1 @ 6 PM! Wait 'til you see what we have in store for you...

Love, your loyal mistress & your kitty brother,
Karen & Rudy"

And, here are the wishers from the WebTV / MSN TV-only newsgroups (2)...

• Happy Birthday Beau from all the Chickasha kitties. Have a yippin good time!

• Happy Birthday Beau...have a super day and enjoy!!!

• My Dear Beau! May you have so many years of joy! Of love and contentment!
I raise my glass to   you Mr. Beau! Love, Life and happiness! And years to enjoy that catnip, sneaky treats! You know what I mean!   Oh and Beau......If you "nip" don't drive!

• Happy Birthday Beau.. cant wait to hear what special little something that was planned for you..

• Happy b/day beau, from me and my bOe!
  and the kitty crew, and my other baby dakota,,,,,= )~ hope u have many
more to celebrate with mom.

• Pooh, Porky and I want to add our
"Happy Birthday" greetings too!
Have a great day!

• Happy birthday Beau!!! Here's a pigs ear for you. My Suzzie loves
thoses. Until later.

NEWS FORUM / Beau's Birthday Moments
Vol. 2, No. 2

August 29, 2000

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birrrrthday, dear Beauuuu!

Wow, Beau's a Senior dog already! For the year 2000, I decided to make a first online virtual card for him. Like the'd you like it? Something different from the Hallmark card.
Last year, for his 7th ("itchy") birthday, and to celebrate the end of 1900s, I took him to see a movie called, Deep Blue Sea. The theater has a free birthday pass, so since I'm a September girl who enjoy this annual freebie, I took Beau, a September boy, with me. I was curious as to how he would act in a movie theater. Turned out, their new digital sound system was a bit too loud for his keen hearing. He sat on my lap calmly, but I could tell that he was fixated on the new authentic sounds. I was glad that the shark jumping on the screen occasionally didn't budge him a bit (sarcastic LOL). (A reminder again: Beau was at a movie as a Hearing Dog for the hearing-impaired, and that's why he was with me. He was not there as a pet. Generally, movie theaters do not allow pets.) Unfortunately, the general public is still not well-versed about Hearing Dogs, so when I arrived at the theater, I had to remind them why he was with me. For some reason, the ticket taker acted nervous; she must've looked like she feared her boss nearby would scream and make a scene when he saw Beau. Relax, you people! I thought Arizona is a laid-back setting. I guess the travel books were wrong then(?) Fortunately, all went well, and I got in with nary a problem. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll take him again this year. I couldn't take a picture of him inside the dark theater, so you won't find one here. I did take a picture outside attempting to have the theater marquee to show, but he was too small, and the marquee was too high up; needless to say, the marquee sign was cut off. It was also night time, as all of September in Phoenix is still 100° F. So, taking him out during the day would be TOO hot to toll around. After the movie ended, Beau appeared glad about that, as instead of gracefully striding out the door on my left, he practically 'flew' out looking like Aladdin on an invisible carpet. I guess he couldn't wait to go take a walk some more...away from those sounds.
"til next time...

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